Regular Session

5/20/13 - 8/23/13

PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology                                                            

This is a basic course in the psychology sequence. Topics covered in this course include background and methods, learning theories, brain and nervous system, personality, perception, intelligence, motivation, emotions, thinking and problem solving, human development, abnormal behavior and social interaction.

03621 Day 3

PSY 306 Behavior Modification                                                                 

The principles of operant conditioning and applications to the understanding and control of behavior in everyday life situations including the classroom. Prerequisite: PSY100

03622 Ellis 3


First 7-Week Session

5/20/13 - 7/5/13

PSY 205 Forms of Social Influence                                                             

(This course is cross listed with COM205.) An assessment of the process whereby humans influence other humans to voluntarily believe or do what they wish them to believe or do: primary emphasis is the interpersonal exchange. Forms include modeling, requesting, bargaining, persuading, demanding, conditioning, group influence, and coercion. Media and written persuasion are also considered. Student performance is a part of this course. Prerequisite: COM101, 102, 104 or 106, or permission

03654 McCue-Herlihy 3

PSY 229 Models of Addiction                                                                   

(This course is crosslisted with HUS 229)This course will offer a comprehensive overview of the process of addiction. Identifying characteristics including physical, psychological/emotional and behavioral mechanisms and symptoms will be examined. The models will be applied to identification and treatment of addiction in general, including special populations. Prerequisite: PSY 100

03641 O'Brien 3           

PSY 401 Educational Psychology                                                                

(This course is cross-listed with EDU 201.)  An in-depth examination of psychological principles as they apply to the educational environment. Topics will scrutinize current issues and innovative methods of instruction. Prerequisite: PSY 100

03633 Dean 3