Teacher Preparation Programs

Thinking about a career in teaching?  Whether you’re interested in early childhood, elementary, secondary or special education, UMA either offers courses directly or works with other campuses to help you achieve your goals.

Teacher Preparation Programs

One of the most important elements of teaching is collaboration. By sharing our work with one another, we strengthen and broaden each other's knowledge and expertise. The resources found on this page are student created units and lesson plans. Other digital resources can be found by following the links on the toolbar.


The Power of Persuasion   by Patrick Forgue  (High School ELA)

Generosity by Melissa Burgess  (Elementary interdisciplinary)

The Ethics of Lunch by Andrew Frederick (High School Interdisciplinary)

Citizenship by Nicole Duncan (Elementary Interdisciplinary)

Cyberbullying by Ben Maynard (Middle School technology)

What is a Myth?  by Neal Miller (High School ELA)

What Defines Being Healthy?  by Stacey Schondel  (Elementary Health)