Self Care Fair On Campus

Lynne KingOn March 20, the American holistic Nurses Association Club at UMA co-sponsored a self-care fair event on campus. The event was open to students, faculty, and staff of UMA, as well as the greater community. This student organized and lead event included opportunities to explore healing activities such as yoga, Chakra Dance, fitness, aromatherapy, massage, blood pressure screenings, healing touch, and Reiki. The event was visited by students, faculty, staff, and administrators.



Over 40 Reiki or healing touch sessions were provided by Reiki practitioners, including UMA students, faculty, and volunteers from the Patrick Dempsey Center. Most of these healing sessions were first time experiences for the receivers. It is believed that Reiki heals by placing the person in the relaxation response, which counteracts the damaging effects of stress and high cortisol levels.





We look forward to making this an annual event!