sheilaroyI am so grateful that I discovered the RN to BSN program at UMA. After receiving my associates degree in nursing, I knew that I wanted to continue my education. After taking a few years to gain experience as a nurse I began taking classes at another university. Unfortunately, I did not feel that program was providing me with the knowledge and experience I needed. Thankfully, I met Dr. Lynne King at an educational in-service 2 years ago. After our brief meeting, I knew that the nursing program at UMA was where I needed to be.

The knowledge and experience of the nurse educators is priceless. The program’s focus on self-care has fostered my growth as a nurse and as an individual. I now realize that in order to care for others, I must first take care of myself.

I would recommend the RN to BSN program at UMA to any nurse looking to advance their nursing practice. The combination of online and hybrid classes allows nurses to advance their degree while juggling family, work, and life.

Sheila Roy RN, ONC