SSC 100 Introduction to Social Science 

This course introduces students to social sciences with emphasis upon practical knowledge and useful core competencies. It serves as an 'entry portal' course for students in the Social Science BA program. This course is also designed for students in any program wanting to gain a thoughtful overview of the social sciences and the impact of the scientific methods on the study of social phenomena. The course's learning objectives emphasize understanding the origins, methods and limitations of scientific inquiry in the study of human social behavior.

(Blended) 09447 Introduction to Social Science Elliott 3


SSC 110 Introduction to Human Sexuality 

An overview of contemporary information and issues concerning human sexuality. Topics to be included are human reproductive anatomy and physiology, sexual arousal, fertility, types and functions of birth control devices, conception, pregnancy and family planning, aging and sexuality, and alternative sexual patterns.

13068 Introduction to Human Sexuality T 01:00PM-03:45PM Curran 3

09448 Introduction to Human Sexuality McCue-Herlihy 3


SSC 317 Leadership Seminar 

(This course is cross listed with HON 401.) This course is designed to provide emerging and existing leaders the opportunity to explore the concept of leadership and to develop and improve their leadership skills. Emphasis is on the application of theory in case studies, readings, films, and personal experience. Prerequisite: ENG 101, any COM, and SOC 101 or PSY 100.

(ITV Broadcast Class) 11918 Leadership Seminar TH 07:00PM-09:45PM Bowne 3

Video Conference
(Receive Class) Leadership Seminar TH 07:00PM-09:45PM Bowne 3
13088 Ellsworth/Hancock 
11919 Rockland 
13089 Rumford/Mexico 
13090 South Paris


SSC 318 Adolescence, Substance Abuse and Criminality 

(This course is Cross-listed with HUS 318)This course integrates the study of adolescent development, alcohol and other drug use, abuse, and dependency, and criminality among adolescents and young adults. Case studies and group projects address problem definition, strategies for intervention, and rehabilitation issues. Prerequisite: An introductory social science, human service, or criminal justice course.

(ITV Broadcast Class, Blended, Delayed Viewing OK, No Permission Needed)
10202 Adolescence, Substance Abuse and Criminality M 07:30AM-08:45AM Watkins 3

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10204 Adolescence, Substance Abuse and Criminality M 07:30AM-08:45AM Watkins 3

(ITV Receive Class, Blended, Delayed Viewing OK, No Permission Needed)
Adolescence, Substance Abuse and Criminality M 07:30AM-08:45AM Watkins 3

10206 Bath/Brunswick 
13162 Bethel 
13133 Bucksport 
13134 Deer Isle 
13136 East Millinocket 
13137 East Sullivan 
13135 Ellsworth/Hancock 
13148 Farmington 
13152 Fort Kent 
13139 Greenville 
13140 Houlton 
13138 Hutchinson Center 
13159 Island Falls - Delayed Viewing 
13141 Jackman - Delayed Viewing 
13161 Jay - Spruce Mountain Adult Ed 
13143 Kingfield - Delayed Viewing 
13144 Lewiston-Auburn 
13146 Lincoln 
13163 Machias 
13147 Mount Desert 
13151 Newport 
13150 North Haven - Delayed Viewing 
13154 Presque Isle 
13155 Rangeley - Delayed Viewing 
13156 Rockland 
13157 Rumford/Mexico 
13145 S Berwick - Delayed Viewing 
13158 Saco/Biddeford 
13160 Sanford 
13142 Sherman Station 
13165 Skowhegan 
14426 South Paris 
13149 Thorndike - Delayed Viewing 
13164 Van Buren - Delayed Viewing


SSC 320 Research Methods in Social Sciences 

Introduces upper-level undergraduate students in the social sciences and related professional areas to social research methods. Examines research questions, hypotheses, research designs, qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis techniques, and data interpretation strategies. Students will be expected to gain competence in procedures used in assessing published research reports. Provides an opportunity to become familiar with ethical issues in social research. Prerequisite: At least one introductory course in the social sciences and MAT 100.

12825 Research Methods in Social Sciences M 09:00AM-11:45AM Adams 3

(Blended) 09450 Research Methods in Social Sciences Elliott 3


SSC 362 Death & Dying 

Covers a range of theoretical viewpoints, practices, and cultural values related to the human life and death cycle. Among the topics included for study are near-death experiences, condolence behaviors, palliative care practices, death industries, spirituality and religious beliefs, grief reactions and therapies, cultural differences, public laws, education initiatives, leave taking rituals, historical views of death, and ethical issues. Prerequisite: PSY 100 or SOC 101

12908 Death & Dying M 01:00PM-03:45PM Line 3


SSC 450 Conflict Resolution 

(This course is cross-listed with JUS 450.) A study of conflict resolution, particularly in relation to the helping professions. Theoretical constructs are studied. Conflict resolution techniques of the practitioner in negotiation, mediation, and advocacy with individuals and groups are discussed and practiced. Prerequisite: PSY 100 or permission of the instructor.

13069 Conflict Resolution W 04:00PM-06:45PM Galloway 3