SSC 100 Introduction to Social Science 

This course introduces students to social sciences with emphasis upon practical knowledge and useful core competencies. It serves as an 'entry portal' course for students in the Social Science BA program. This course is also designed for students in any program wanting to gain a thoughtful overview of the social sciences and the impact of the scientific methods on the study of social phenomena. The course's learning objectives emphasize understanding the origins, methods and limitations of scientific inquiry in the study of human social behavior.

(Blended) 09447 Introduction to Social Science Elliott 3


SSC 110 Introduction to Human Sexuality 

An overview of contemporary information and issues concerning human sexuality. Topics to be included are human reproductive anatomy and physiology, sexual arousal, fertility, types and functions of birth control devices, conception, pregnancy and family planning, aging and sexuality, and alternative sexual patterns.

09448 Introduction to Human Sexuality McCue-Herlihy 3


SSC 320 Research Methods in Social Sciences 

Introduces upper-level undergraduate students in the social sciences and related professional areas to social research methods. Examines research questions, hypotheses, research designs, qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis techniques, and data interpretation strategies. Students will be expected to gain competence in procedures used in assessing published research reports. Provides an opportunity to become familiar with ethical issues in social research. Prerequisite: At least one introductory course in the social sciences and MAT 100.

(Blended) 09450 Research Methods in Social Sciences Elliott 3