SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology

A general study of people in society, with emphasis upon nature of culture, social institutions, social interaction, and social units, and the influence on the individual. An overview of sociological concepts and perspectives is also presented.

09443 Introduction to SociologySchlenker 3


SOC 302 Social Movements

This course aims for an understanding of social movements and "justice" inAmerican cultures since 1900. Despite their great impacts on our lives today, social movements are often left out of traditional curriculum or misunderstood. We also tend to have narrow and contradictory views of justice in the U.S. We will consider theoretical foundations in social movements as well as particular movements, past and present, like the feminist movement, the black power movement, movements for indigenous justice, movements for reproductive and environmental justice, anti-globalization movements, culture jamming movements, and human rights struggles. 3 credit hours. Prerequisite: WST 101 orSOC 101 or AME 201 or permission of instructor. (Cross listed with AME 302)

14127 Social Movements Corral 3


SOC 316 Criminology

(This course is cross listed with JUS 316.) Designed to enhance student awareness and comprehension of social and cultural factors in the causation of crime and juvenile delinquency. A review and analysis of recent theories and research findings, a theoretical venture in applied sociology. Prerequisite: SOC 101 and SOC 201

14415 Criminology Staff 3


SOC 319 Social Gerontology

Emphasizes the social aspects of the aging process, focusing upon the aging individual as a person and older people as groups within a changing society. In particular, the impact of aging upon the individual and society, and the reactions of the individual and society to aging are examined. Prerequisite: SOC101

12146 Social Gerontology Schlenker 3 (Meets 10/10-11/30)


SOC 350 Sociology of Gender

The application of sociological theories and principles to the study of gender. This examination of the social construction of gender looks at gender roles in the United States as well as cross-culturally. Gender socialization and stratification are explored, along with social policy related to gender issues.

09446 Sociology of Gender Turcotte Seabury 3


SOC 375 Social Networks

An introduction to the essentials of social network theory and the methods of social network analysis, the study of patterns in communication and affiliation. Online, in groups, and friends, you are who you know. Prerequisite: SOC 101 or COM 205 or PSY 205. 3 Credits (this course is cross listed with COM 375)

09371 Social Networks Cook 3