SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology

A general study of people in society, with emphasis upon nature of culture, social institutions, social interaction, and social units, and the influence on the individual. An overview of sociological concepts and perspectives is also presented.


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SOC 316 Criminology

(This course is cross listed with JUS 316.) Designed to enhance student awareness and comprehension of social and cultural factors in the causation of crime and juvenile delinquency. A review and analysis of recent theories and research findings, a theoretical venture in applied sociology. Prerequisite: SOC 101 and SOC 201

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SOC 360 Sociology of the Family

The course represents an examination of the family cycle and the sociology of the family, especially as it pertains to the American situation. Emphasis is placed upon cross-cultural, historical, and theoretical analysis of the family as a social institution. Prerequisite: SOC101

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SOC 475 Analyzing Social Media

This course is a venue for learning and deploying research techniques in social media, the online systems for collaborative association and communication. The kinds of interaction and communities made possible by different forms of social media are explored. Skills are developed for measuring social media use and determining when online objectives have been met. Prerequisite: COM/SOC 375 and SSC 320. Credit Hours: 3. (Cross-listed with COM 475)

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