Developing the spatial mindset

Space. Architecture exists because we can only inhabit space or where the physicality of the building isn’t. Too often students in design start from the common object aspects of space definition, floors, walls, and ceilings, Morabito-Velo-smalland manipulate and arrange these elements to define space. Designing with space as a beginning, rather than a result (the left-over of object) offers a much vaster opportunity for creative and expressive definition.


Space is the highest expression of architecture in that spaceis that part that may be inhabited and used for the satisfactions of life’s varied activities. The building is merely a collection of spaces in which those activities are encouraged to be experienced. Developing the spatial mind set is an important demand of a sound architectural education, representing for the student architect a shift in the object dominant paradigm in which that may have lived an entire life. In this way the architect become an expert in architectural experience potential.