Recognition Process for Clubs and Organizations

UMA recognizes the many benefits associated with participation in student run clubs and organizations. Among the potential benefits are leadership, skill and intellectual development, cultural enrichment, and increased service and social opportunities. What follows are the procedures required for formal recognition of student clubs or organizations.

The Student Government Association (SGA) has primary responsibility for the official recognition of UMA student clubs and organizations, although the Dean of Students reserves the right to deny applications that are not consistent with University policy. The Department of Student Life provides assistance for students aspiring to establish new student organizations.

  1. Anyone applying for recognition of a new club or organization must acquire an application packet from the Director of Student Life (or designee) and consult with him/her regarding the process. The recognition process must be initiated and completed by a UMA student.
  2. The applicant club/organization must inform the SGA President of their intentions to apply for recognition.
  3. The applicant club/organization must identify a UMA employee who is willing to serve as an advisor. The Student Life representative will supply the applicant with an advisor job description and may be able to suggest possible advisors.
  4. The applicant club/organization must draft a constitution and by-laws. A sample constitution and bylaws is provided and additional examples of club/organization constitutions and by-laws are available for reference in the Student Life office.
  5. The application, constitution, and bylaws must be completed and submitted to the Student Life representative for preliminary review. This review will focus on completeness and compliance with University policy.
  6. When determined satisfactory by the Student Life representative, the packet must be submitted by the applicant to the President of the SGA for consideration.
  7. A representative of the applicant club/organization must meet with the SGA Executive Board prior to consideration by the local SGA. The purpose of the meeting is to review the documents based on the established criteria and reconcile any obvious problems prior to submission of the application to the full SGA. The Executive Board of the SGA will either endorse the application or return it for further work.
  8. Upon endorsement by the Executive Board of the SGA, the application for recognition will be presented to the full Student Government during its next scheduled meeting. Normally, a representative of the applicant group or organization will be present at that meeting. A majority vote of all members present is required for approval. If not approved, the applicant will be informed in writing of the deficiencies in the application and invited to resubmit at a later time.
  9. Official recognition by UMA will be granted following review and endorsement of the application by the Dean of Students. The Dean’s review will be restricted to matters of compliance with University policy.
  10. Duplicate records of the recognition documents will be retained in both the Student Government and the Student Life offices.

An SGA sponsored club/organization must provide information to the SGA on a regular basis to ensure that University funds granted to the clubs/organizations are being used effectively and efficiently.

Additional Funding Request Form

Yearly Allotment Request Form

Clubs & Organizations Financial Report Form

Trip Check List

Event Coverage - No Advisor

In order to remain in good standing, the following standards must be met:

  • Officers within the club/organization must attend a University cash training session; additional members may attend training, if appropriate.
  • The club/organization must provide financial reports annually using the formats provided by the SGA. The annual report must be submitted no later than April 30th.
    NOTE:   All reports must be current in order to receive funding. Allocated funding for the following year may be delayed, prorated, or denied if reports are late.
  • The Financial officer of the club/organization must meet with the SGA Director of Budget and Finance, as needed.
  • Any club/organization must provide an updated listing of their membership and leadership to the SGA as changes occur.
  • An organization must maintain a minimum membership of three students.
  • Plan and implement at least one activity outside of regularly scheduled meeting each semester to promote their presence on campus.
  • Adhere to the guidelines written in the constitution provided to and approved by the SGA.

Clubs and Organizations are strongly encouraged to:

  • Participate in university or SGA sponsored events to promote their club/organization.
  • Advertise the events of the club/organization on the university calendar.
  • Promote their club/organization, foster membership growth and provide for the succession of officers.
  • Attend the meetings of the SGA.
  • Communicate regularly with members of the Student Life staff.