Hone your writing skills while deepening your appreciation of literature. Through discussion and close personal attention, you’ll develop analytical, critical reasoning, and communication skills highly sought after by employers in many fields. These skills will also provide you with an excellent foundation for graduate study.

Degree Offered: B.A.
Offered on the Augusta and Bangor campuses

Congratulations on completing the Advising Notes Training. Your next step is to sign your Certificate of Completion and forward it on to:

Augusta Campus Faculty & Staff
Tricia Dyer, Richard Randall Student Center, 621-3144, triciad@maine.edu

Bangor Campus Faculty & Staff
Marcia Mower, Lewiston Hall, 262-7808, mower@maine.edu

Center/Site Staff
Contact: either Tricia or Marcia


Tricia and Marcia will fill out the appropriate security authorization for you and forward it on to our security liaison. The liaison will give you access to your authorized component(s) and you will receive an email indicating that the security access was finalized. Please contact either Tricia or Marcia if you have questions about the access you have been given.

You can refer back to the training at any point in Blackboard to refresh yourself with how specifically to complete an appropriate note. Call either Tricia or Marcia directly with any question. Remember that once a note is saved, it is visible immediately by the student and becomes part of the students’ official academic record. If you are a little skeptical about FERPA issues, you can either revisit that specific section in the training module, or you can read the official FERPA regulations.

Ann Corbett, 621-3145, annie@maine.edu is the best person if you have specific FERPA questions before saving a note.

Academic and Career Advising is a developmental process of combining your career goal with your academic plan.  By taking your career goal into consideration, this provides you with the tools to make appropriate academic choices.

Academic Advising - Helping students navigate their educational experience.  Providing advice regarding: program curriculum, FAQ, workshops, policies, academic standing, etc.

Career Advising  - Assisting students with exploring career areas, creating career goals, choosing a major, and developing job search skills.

Prior Learning Assessment and Testing - Offering assessment of prior learning via academic placement testing, CLEP, DANTES, departmental challange exams, and the portfolio assessment process.

For more information, call 621-3149.






Sheri Fraser, Dean of Enrollment Services
Tricia Dyer, Director of Enrollment Services and Advising
Laurie Ficker, Assistant Director of Enrollment Services and Prior Learning Assessment
Eric Allain, Staff Associate

Jan Bunford, College Success Project Coordinator
Haley Brown, Coordinator of Career Connections
Amy Line, Veteran Success Coordinator
Jaime Spadea, Administrative Assistant I


Stephanie Graves, Coordinator of Enrollment and Advising


Student Center

The University of Maine at Augusta
46 University Drive
Augusta, Maine 04330

114 Lewiston Hall

UMA Bangor
65 Texas Avenue
Bangor, ME 04401

Phone (207) 621-3149 (207) 262-7808
Office Hours Monday - Thursday 8 am - 7 pm and Fridays 8 am - 5 pm. Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5 pm and alternate times by appointment.

For career assistance at your local University College Center, please contact:

UC at Bath/Brunswick
(Midcoast Center for Higher Education)

Lisa Whitney, Student Services Coordinator

or 207-442-7736

UC at East Millinocket

Deb Rountree, Director

or 207-746-5741

UC at Ellsworth
(Hancock County Higher Education Center)

Ann Delaney, Coordinato rof Student Services

or 207-667-3897

UC at Houlton
(Houlton Higher Education Center)

Jean Henderson, Coordinator of Student Services

or 207-521-3103

UC at Norway/South Paris
(Western Maine University and Community College Center)

James Bradley, Coordiantor of Student Services

or 207-743-9322

UC at Rockland

Glenn Curry, Coordinator of Student Services

or 207-596-6906

UC at Rumford/Mexico

Rosmond Hodge, Student Services Associate

or 207-364-7882

UC at Saco/Biddeford

Laurie Grant Coordinator of Student Services

or 207-282-4111

Career Advising services at UMA are designed to help students focus and implement their career goals.  Students may seek assistance in choosing a major or exploring career fields for employment after graduation.  Assistance with the job search process is also offered.  A variety of resources are available, including workshops, assessment tools, computerized resources, and individual appointments with a career advisor. 

For more information on these services, click on the following options:

Academic Advising at the University of Maine at Augusta has been designed to enhance, facilitate, and promote student success. Whether you are changing your major, setting  goals, or seeking resources, we are available to assist you.

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