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This program provides Maine students, whether in public or private high schools (or being home-schooled in Maine homes), and all adult education diploma candidates who are within one calendar year of diploma completion, the opportunity to experience college by registering for University courses at half the tuition rate. For information on student eligibility, program criteria, course limitations, and to apply, please contact the Registrar's Office in Augusta.


The Honors Program offers those students who have demonstrated intellectual potential and personal commitment an enriched academic experience. Honors Program students will be better prepared to continue their advanced studies and bring academic talents and abilities to the attention of prospective employers. The Honors Program is not a separate degree program but is integrated into your chosen major. The program is available to full-and part-time students at all locations. An interview with the program director is recommended prior to admission to the program. The UMA Honors Program is affiliated with the National Collegiate Honors Council, and the Northeast Regional Honors Council.  Contact: Honors Program.


UMA is a commuter institution.  On-campus housing is not currently available at either of UMA's two campuses or at any of the regional University College Centers. Students commute from home or rent rooms or apartments near their campus. Information to support students with their housing search is available at the housing web page. Contact Office of Dean of Students in Augusta, Student Life in Bangor.


UMA student photo identification cards (not mandatory) are available through the ID Card Services Office (located in the Richard J. Randall Student Center) in Augusta and the Advising Center (located in Lewiston Hall) in Bangor. Student ID cards, once activated, can be used as a library card, and for computer print services on both campuses. The card may also be used to receive discounts from participating area businesses, stores, recreational resorts, and entertainment facilities. It can be used to purchase food items tax free at the Augusta Campus' Moose Tracks Café. Students affiliated with an academic program that requires access to the dental health clinic on the Bangor campus or to the Gannett building in Augusta will be able to use their card to access those facilities.  There is no charge for the first card. UMA students at a distance are welcome to contact either the Augusta or Bangor campus. Contact: ID Card Services Office in Augusta, Advising Center in Bangor.


An incomplete ("I") grade is a temporary grade assigned to a course when a student has obtained permission of the instructor to complete course requirements at a later date. Incomplete grades will remain so for one semester. At the end of that period, the incomplete grade will be converted to an "F" unless the instructor has authorized an extension. Incomplete grades are not computed into the grade point average. Students are strongly encouraged to work with their faculty members to negotiate and write up a contract detailing the terms of how and when the incomplete grade will be completed. A student may graduate with incomplete(s) on his/her record only if failing grades in the incomplete course(s) would not lower the overall GPA below a 2.00 and if the incomplete is not in a required course for the student's degree program. Contact: Registrar's Office in Augusta.


Students have the opportunity to design courses (in conjunction with the instructor) to supplement regular course offerings with approval from college deans. Students proposing an independent study are expected to have at least 30 semester hours of credit including some background courses in the proposed area of study. Independent Study Learning Proposal forms are available from your college office. Contact: Appropriate college dean.


See Enrollment Services Center


Degree students in aviation, dental assisting, dental hygiene, medical laboratory technology, nursing, and veterinary technology, as well as students participating in athletics and club sports, and international students are required to have medical insurance.  Students participating in athletics and/or club sports should contact Kimberly Lloyd, Assistant Athletic Director, at 621-3125, for further information about the insurance requirement for student athletes.  For all other students, insurance coverage is optional, but encouraged. 

For any students not already covered under a medical insurance plan, the University offers access to a group insurance plan at a reasonable cost to students who are registered for at least six UMA credit hours.  Detailed policy information and claim forms are available in the Office of the Dean of Students in Augusta and at the Cross Agency Website.  Students without similar protection are urged to take advantage of this coverage.  Contact:  Office of Dean of Students in Augusta, Admissions and Student Enrollment Services in Bangor, or center student services coordinator;

INSURANCE (MaineCare Program through the Dept. of Health and Human Services, Office of MaineCare Services)

 To find out if you are eligible for MaineCare, please call or visit one of the DHHS Regional Offices.  An interactive listing is available to find the office nearest you.  The Consumer Assistance Help Line is also available at 1-800-965-7476.


The international student advisor functions to provide information and assistance to all students who are not United States citizens. It is the responsibility of the international student advisor to assist international students in interpreting the policies and regulations of the University and in interpreting local, state, and national laws. The advisor acts as a liaison agent between international students and the Immigration and Naturalization Service. For assistance on academic matters, see your academic advisor. Contact the Academic and Career Advising Center in Augusta, at 621-3149 or 1-877-UMA-1234, Ext. 3149.


Assistance is available to students to develop job search skills. Resume writing, interviewing, and job search strategies are taught through workshops, videotapes, handouts, books, the Internet, and individual consultations. UMA also is a member of the Maine College Career Consortium, which coordinates job fair opportunities for students. Contact: Academic and Career Advising Centers in Augusta and Bangor, or center student services coordinator.