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Add Period:

Courses may still be added prior to the end of the second week, providing the student has attended either the first or second class and has the instructor's approval.

Add/Drop and Withdrawal Policies: 
In accordance with Federal regulations, financial assistance may be adjusted for aid recipients who reduce credit hours, withdraw during the semester, do not academically complete the semester, or receive external contributions (such as third party sponsorship, scholarships, waivers, etc.).  A portion of his/her financial aid will be refunded to the Title IV programs as required by the U.S. Department of Education.  Such financial aid calculations due to changes in information used in the calculation of aid award may result in the student owing a balance to the University.
Failure to report outside assistance may result in the need to repay financial aid funds.
New and returning students are governed by the same withdrawal and add/drop policy as set forth below:
For purposes of calculating full tuition adjustments, the attendance period begins on the opening day of scheduled campus classes, includes weekends, holidays, and snow days, and ends on the date the student notifies the registrar/records office in writing that s/he is withdrawing.
Withdrawal is defined as students who give official notification of their withdrawal to the University after a semester/session begins. (The student is withdrawing from all classes and leaving the University.)
Dropping courses is defined as a reduction in course load while remaining enrolled in the University. (The student drops one or more courses but not all courses.)

Semester/Session 12 Weeks or Longer
Cancellation prior to the first day of semester/session 100% tuition and fees
Withdrawal/drop prior to the end of second week (14 days) 100% tuition and fees
Withdrawal prior to the end of fourth week (28 days) 75% tuition and fees
Withdrawal prior to the end of sixth week (42 days) 50% tuition and fees
Withdrawal prior to the end of eighth week (56 days) 25% tuition and fees
Withdrawal after eighth week 0%
Semester/Session 11 Weeks or Less
Classes 11 weeks in length: 100% prior to the end of the eleventh day (11 days)
Classes 10 weeks in length: 100% prior to the end of the tenth day (10 days)
Classes 9 weeks in length:   100% prior to the end of the ninth day (9 days)
Classes 8 weeks in length:  100% prior to the end of the eighth day (8 days)
Classes 7 weeks in length:  100% prior to the end of the seventh day (7 days)
Classes 6 weeks in length:  100% prior to the end of the sixth day (6 days)
Classes 5 weeks in length:  100% prior to the end of the fifth day (5 days)
Classes 4 weeks in length:  100% prior to the end of the fourth day (4 days)
Classes 3 weeks in length:  100% prior to the end of the third day (3 days)
Classes 2 weeks in length:  100% prior to the end of the second day (2 days)
Classes 1 week or less in length: 100% prior to the end of the first day (1 day)


Fall: TThe preferred application deadline of June 15 helps to ensure processing before the semester begins.  Applications after that date are still welcome. International students' applications must be completed by May 1.
Spring: The preferred application deadline of November 15 helps to guarantee processing before the semester begins.   Applications after that date are still welcome. International students' applications must be completed by October 15.


Fall: Try-outs/sign-up for varsity men’s and women's soccer, men’s and women’s cross-country, and co-ed golf is August 19.  Try-outs/sign-up for varsity men's & women's basketball is in Augusta on October 1.

Spring: Co-ed bowling sign-up is February 1. Contact athletic director in Augusta.

Textbook Returns:

Textbooks may be returned for a refund during the first two weeks of fall and spring semesters, provided they are in the same condition as when purchased and accompanied by the receipt.  During short-term sessions, such as winter and summer, books may be returned within one week.  Students taking a one-week class may return books no later than the second day of class.  For your convenience, our complete return policy is available at   Buyback:  The Augusta bookstore conducts book buyback on a daily basis.  To receive the best buyback value, sell back your books during finals week of the fall and spring semesters.

Drop Period:

Fall: Students who drop before November 6, 2014, will receive W grades for the courses they drop. After that date, faculty must assign either a W or WF (withdrew failing).
Spring: Students who drop before March 23, 2015, will receive W grades for the courses they drop. After that date, faculty must assign either a W or WF (withdrew failing).

Financial Aid:

Please see financial aid section for financial aid deadlines.

Graduation Card:

Should be submitted by December 1 for December completions, by April 1 for May graduation, and by June 1 for August completions.

Health Insurance:

Student Health Insurance Plan waiver deadlines:  Fall 2014 is October 1, 2014; Spring 2015 is February 20, 2015.  Please see the Insurance section in this handbook for more information on the plan.

Special Recognition Awards:

These awards are to recognize those students who are meritorious on a local and national level. Who's Who: application deadline of December; Distinguished Student and Woodworth Awards: application deadline of mid-March.


Maine state law requires that all degree students, as well as full-time, non-degree students, born after 1956 provide required proof of immunization for measles, mumps, rubella, and diptheria/tetanus before classes begin.

Payment of Tuition:

Students may pay in full or spread their (remaining) costs over the semester by enrolling in a 4-installment payment plan. The 1st installment, including the $30 payment plan fee, is due at the time of registration. Cash, checks, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover are accepted; credit card payments for remaining payment plan installments may be made online via MaineStreet.


Named Scholarships: Most named scholarships are awarded in the spring and payable the following fall. Specific information about these scholarships and application procedures is made available shortly after the start of the spring semester. Applications are due March 1.

Veteran's Benefits:

Recertification and Advance Pay Requests are due 45 days prior to the first day of classes.

NOTICE: These deadlines are subject to change.  Please see the current catalog and course guide for more complete information.