Policy for Use of Student E-mail Addresses for Mass Communication

Transmission of mass e-mail notices to a comprehensive list of University of Maine at Augusta (UMA) students must be carefully managed to ensure that students do not receive large quantities of unwelcome and unsolicited e-mail from the University. The goal of this policy is to maintain the effectiveness of e-mail as a communication tool with UMA students.

The Moosebytes staff on the Augusta Campus has been designated to coordinate all e-mail notices directed to the entire student body or to large subgroups of students. The Office of the Dean of Students exercises discretion over whether a proposed communication may be sent electronically to all students. The Dean will consult with other members of the administration, as appropriate, in this review. In addition, the President and members of the President's immediate staff may independently authorize mass e-mail communications to all UMA students via the Moosebytes staff or their own communication systems.


Mass e-mail notifications to students

(only permitted under the following conditions)

  1. All communication must comply with federal laws designed to protect student privacy (e.g., Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act). To comply with UMA FERPA policy, any e-mail communication to more than one student at a time must conceal the e-mail addresses and identities of every student in the address line.

  2. The communication must relate to the role of the recipients as university students and be consistent with the mission of the University (teaching, research, and public service) and the administrative functions that support that mission. It must provide a direct service to the majority of the targeted group and a benefit for all included in the targeted group.

  3. The author of the message must have a legitimate association with the university as employee, student or member of a university-sanctioned group or organization.

  4. Normally, no more than one collective e-mail notice will be sent to the student body per week and e-mail notifications regarding the same topic will be authorized only twice per semester.

  5. In addition to the above, the following applies to UMA's electronic student newsletter, Moosebytes: