Jazz and Contemporary Music

Passionate about music? Serious about your future? Then consider our Jazz and Contemporary Music Program as your direct pathway to a successful career in the exciting world of professional music.

Degrees Offered: B.M. and A.S.
Offered on the Augusta Campus


The combination of full time and adjunct faculty at UMA represents the pinnacle of musicianship, educational excellence, real-world experience, industry savvy and ethics. And no “old school” vibe here! The faculty at UMA understands and proactively participates in the modern music scene, in a multitude of styles and with an impressive compliment of skill-sets. The award-winning UMA faculty is always out in the scene, mixing it up with other regional players and occasionally hosting and playing with nationally respected icons. Master your instrument and become a proficient, concisely accurate exponent of the styles you most enjoy, through the expert influence and guidance of UMA instructors.

Meet the Faculty

  • Anita Jerosch - Assistant Professor of Music
    Trombone, Pedagogy, Music History
    Jazz and Contemporary Music Program Coordinator
  • Richard Nelson - Professor of Music
    Composition, Music Theory, Ensemble, Guitar
  • Noah Cole: Audio and Composition
  • Gary Clancy: Guitar, Ensemble, Music Business
  • Marcia Gallagher: Voice, Ensemble, Piano Lab
  • Steve Grover: Drum set, Ensemble, Music History, Musicianship
  • Duane Edwards: Bass
  • Andres Espinoza: Latin Percussion, Ensemble
  • Peter Herman: Guitar
  • Scott Hughes: Guitar, Ensemble
  • Pamela Jenkins: Saxophone, Music History, Pedagogy
  • Tim Johnson: Voice, Ensemble, Recital Class
  • John Mehrmann: Aural Skills, Composition
  • Sean Morin: Songwriting, Composition, Ensemble
  • Dean Neal: Pedagogy
  • Julia Plumb, violin, viola, fiddle, banjo, voice, ensemble
  • Nicole Rabata, flute, Irish flute, Celtic ensemble
  • David Wells: Saxophone
  • Henry Wyatt: Music History