UMA AirUMA Aviation Program 3/20 Event to Celebrate Solo Flight Milestone; Student to Perform Flight Demonstration at Celebration.

The University of Maine at Augusta (UMA) and Maine Instrument Flight (MIF) will hold an event to celebrate the first solo flights of its 12 Aviation students on March 20th at 11:30am at the MIF campus located at the Augusta State Airport. Weather permitting; a student will perform a takeoff and landing demonstration.

The 12 students are currently enrolled in the Private Pilot flight-training course, the first part of UMA’s Bachelor of Science in Aviation program. They are the first class enrolled in the program since its launch in September of 2013.

After acquiring basic piloting skills learned in the first of 3 stages of the training course, the students have their first solo flight, which involves three takeoffs and three landings while the instructor observes from the ground. That first solo flight is a significant milestone, confidence booster, and celebrated event for a pilot.

One by one, each of the students performed their first solo flights starting in October 2013, but due to bad weather, the last solo flight took place on February 9th.

UMA President Allyson Handley, members of UMA’s faculty and staff, as well as friends and family of the students will be there to help celebrate this major milestone.  A pizza lunch will be served.

The B.S. in Aviation provides students with the opportunity to attain their Bachelor degree and become an FAA certified commercial pilot under one program, it is the only program of its kind in the state of Maine. For more information about program visit: