Hone your writing skills while deepening your appreciation of literature. Through discussion and close personal attention, you’ll develop analytical, critical reasoning, and communication skills highly sought after by employers in many fields. These skills will also provide you with an excellent foundation for graduate study.

Degree Offered: B.A.
Offered on the Augusta and Bangor campuses

Brenda McAleer, Coordinator
Augusta Campus
(207) 621-3483

This professional public service certificate program is designed for individuals working in government or non-profit organizations. Consisting of six courses, the certificate is designed for people who want to improve managerial skills, enhance career prospects, and move into supervisory positions within the public sector. The courses cover topics such as written and oral communications skills, computer skills, managerial methods with emphasis on organizational behavior, public budgeting and financial administration, and providing customer service using various media. Because courses apply directly to degree programs in public administration and business administration at The University of Maine at Augusta, as well as others, the certificate is suitable for persons who wish to work toward an associate or baccalaureate degree.

Students must meet the prerequisites for courses as designated or receive permission of the instructor. They are encouraged to contact the appropriate division office, registrar, or advising center for advising and support services.

Joseph Szakas, Ph.D.
Program Coordinator
Augusta Campus
(207) 621-3181
CIS website: http://www.cisx2.uma.maine.edu
Placement testing (or demonstrated proficiency) is required in the areas of reading, writing and math prior to admission to this certificate program. The following courses may be recommended: ENG005, Basic Writing; MAT009, Foundations of Mathematics; MAT030, Algebra I; and REA008, Reading for Understanding.

Certificate in Information Technology Curriculum
CIS101Introduction to Computer Science3
CIS210 Programming Concepts 3
CIS240 Networking Concepts 3
One of the following:3
CIS211 Applications Programming: COBOL
CIS212 Applications Programming: Visual BASIC
CIS213 Applications Programming: C
CIS214 Applications Programming: JAVA
Two of the following:6
CIS131 Web Applications
CIS135 Introduction to Information Systems and Applications Development
CIS220 Information Technology Hardware and Systems Software
CIS221 Operating Systems: UNIX
CIS222 Operating Systems: WindowsNT
CIS231 Web Applications Development I
CIS270 Management Information Systems
CIS341 Network Applications



Brenda McAleer, Coordinator
Augusta Campus
(207) 621-3483

Certificate in Principles of Real Estate Curriculum
BUA140Introduction to Real Estate3
BUA141Real Estate Legal Issues3
BUA142Real Estate Practice3
BUA165Sales Management3
BUA236Role of the Designated Broker3
One of the following: 3
COM102Interpersonal Communications
COM104Communication in Groups & Organizations



Brenda McAleer, Coordinator
Augusta Campus
(207) 621-3483

Certificate in Managerial Accounting Curriculum
BUA101Principles of Accounting I3
BUA102Principles of Accounting II3
BUA251Business Finance3
BUA345Cost Accounting3
BUA447Managerial Accounting3
CIS100Introduction to Computing  3

Brenda McAleer, Coordinator
Augusta Campus
(207) 621-3483

Certificate in Supervision Curriculum
BUA289Topics in Business3
BUA361Human Resources Management3  
BUA365Organizational Behavior  3
CIS100   Introduction to Computing3  
Total Hours  15