Jazz highlight2014Concert series, “UMA Jazz … and More” offers four nights of free concerts.

The University of Maine at Augusta Music Program is presenting the “UMA Jazz… and More” concert series April 22nd–25nd in Jewett Hall Auditorium starting at 7:00pm each night.

The four nights of concerts are the semester culmination of the UMA Music Program, which specializes in Contemporary Music styles of the U.S.

The focus of the program includes blues, jazz, rock & roll, folk, Latin American, fusion, hip hop and blues-derived forms of music with a breadth of diverse vocal stylings, and creative contemporary music styles.

The UMA Music Program was established in 1973.   Music degrees include a two-year Associate of Science and a four-year Bachelor of Music.

Attendance is free of charge and will also be streamed live via the Internet.

If you are unable to attend, here are a list of live steam links for each night:

Night 1: webcast.uma.edu/livejazz01
Night 2: webcast.uma.edu/livejazz02
Night 3: webcast.uma.edu/livejazz03
Night 4: webcast.uma.edu/livejazz04

Concert Schedule

Tuesday, April 22
UMA Little Big Band - Anita-Ann Jerosch, Director
Puma - Bill Moseley, Director

Wednesday, April 23
Envok - Marcia Gallagher, Director
The Modular Band - Tim Johnson, Director

Thursday, April 24 
Contemporary Sounds - Sean Morin, Director
UMA Jazz on Tour  - Steve Grover, Director

Friday, April 25
Senior Concert - Peter Herman
Sonic Explorations - Richard Nelson, Director