Peter Precourt2Peter Precourt, UMA Associate Professor of Art has been awarded the Trustee Professorship for the Fall of 2013 and a Sabbatical for Spring of 2014.  The focus of his research will be continuing work on three on-going projects. 

The Katrina Chronicles, a graphical story of Precourt's struggles with losing almost everything he owed from his coastal Mississippi home during Hurricane Katrina, an Atlantic hurricane that devistated the Southeastern U.S. in 2005.  In a form that embraces the stepchild nature of Mississippi and the leveling power of Katrina, the Chronicles are told in a visual form that hovers somewhere between a graphic novel, a journal entry, a painting, a memoir and a flippant conversation.

Community Engagement and Studio Practice.  Precourt is planning to build a studio in the Winthrop area. He has already begun renovations to a storefront space on Main Street. The site, art:WORKS, will be unique to Winthrop. The open storefront is primarily a working studio. Community members are welcome to enter the space to view and talk about the art work. The site will also be used to house short-term exhibitions.  Currently scheduled exhibitions range from a display of community models by the Winthrop Grade School 3rd grade students, a UMA painting exhibition and an exhibition of internationally recognized artist Pato Hebert, a Visiting Associate Professor of Art at NYU.

Data Visualization. Currently, Precourt is exploring Data Visualization as an institutional research tool for UMA.  "Visual patterns are far more quickly perceived than rows of raw data," says Precourt.  Visual analytics allow a person to view more information and interconnected relationships, which will allow for better informed decision making. In the Fall of 2013, he is likely to have a significant role in UMA’s first Data Visualization Course.  He intends to use a portion of his sabbatical to improve in visualization knowledge and practice.