Six Feet Under: Funeral Choices

The University of Maine at Augusta Senior College hosted its first Forum on the Future event of 2014, “Six Feet Under: Funeral Choices” at 2:00 PM on Sunday January 19, 2014 in Jewett Hall.

The forum was lead by featured speaker, Cushman Anthony, an attorney, former state legislator and President of the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Maine.  Following Anthony’s talk, there was a panel discussion with guest speakers, Kitsy Winthrop, Hospice Chaplain and Chuck Lakin, woodworker and home funeral educator.

Drawing on years of experience, these experts discussed legal documents, principle options for funerals including cremation, traditional funeral with burial in a cemetery of home plot, arrangements without a funeral director, body donation and green cemeteries, and many related topics.

See a video recording of the forum »


Forum Speakers

Cushman-Anthony-PR Kitsy Winthrop PR Chuck Lakin PR

Cushman Anthony
Attorney, Former State Legislator, and President of the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Maine

Kitsy Winthrop
Hospice Chaplain
Chuck Lakin
Woodworker and Home Funeral Educator