Jazz and Contemporary Music

Passionate about music? Serious about your future? Then consider our Jazz and Contemporary Music Program as your direct pathway to a successful career in the exciting world of professional music.

Degrees Offered: B.M. and A.S.
Offered on the Augusta Campus


Since it’s construction in 1990, UMA Audio has been the primary audio recording facility of UMA.  The studio was designed by Rob Rosati of Boston to suit the specific needs of audio education and music recording. The design consists of a standard layout of Control Room, Studio Room and Isolation booths. UMA Audio serves as an excellent laboratory for student creativity in the Performance, Composition, Education, Business and Audio Technology concentrations.

The studio's primary digital platform is Pro Tools, a digital audio system used throughout the country as the work horse in tracking, mixing, editing and mastering.

Current audio equipment includes the following:Steve Drown teaching Audio 319. 

  • Avid C-24 Digital Console
  • Pro Tools Audio System
  • Microphones by Shure, AKG, Sennheiser, Electro-Voice, Crown and Rode. 
  • Outboard gear by Drawmer, dBX, Rane, Lexicon and Tascam.
  • Recording systems by Tascam, Otari and Pro Tools.
  • Keyboard instruments by Fender-Rhodes and Yamaha.
  • Synthesizers by Korg and Alesis.
  • Guitar Amps by Fender and Acoustic.
  • Drums by Ludwig, Rogers, Sonar


UMA Audio Gallery

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Although the audio technology courses are the core of the Bachelor of Music audio concentration, they are available as a non-degree educational series. The principle audio-related courses are listed below:

  • AUD 219 Audio Recording - foundations in all areas of audio technology, including  digital audio, consoles, microphones, dynamics processors, fx processors, mixing, mastering, session organisation & management, musical concepts in audio and field recording.    
  • ADU 319 Advanced Audio Technology - advanced level audio concepts and techniques.
  • AUD 220  Audio Production - the producer and the production.
  • AUD 294, 394, 494 Independent Study - individual audio projects and professional internships.
  • MUS 271 Sonic Arts I - Introduction to creative use of digital work stations and software.
  • MUS 300  Sonic Arts III - Applied music synthesis; advanced concepts and applications.
  • MUS 132 & 471 Music Business - The business of music and audio.


Visits and Show & Tell demonstrations are available to individuals and school groups. Contact Bill Moseley, (207) 621-3267, or  wmoseley@maine.edu

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