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Handley-smallDear UMA faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends:

I am writing you to let you know I will be leaving UMA in early September to take on an exciting new position at National University in San Diego. This was a very difficult decision for me, because I love UMA and the people who work here and go to school here. In the end, though, I have chosen to take this new opportunity for three reasons.

First, the new job at National University is one that truly excites me. As the first Executive Director of their brand new Sanford Education Center, I can have a real national impact on K-12 education, developing and implementing programs that will create inspiring new teachers at every level. I will also be developing new national programs for non-profit leaders, and I get to return to my roots at National University where I served in several leadership positions as a Dean and a Vice President for most of the 1990s.

The second reason I have decided to take the new position is to be closer to my children and grandchildren, all of whom reside in California. Living in Maine, my trips to California have been too infrequent and all too brief for someone so devoted to family. I am really looking forward to spending much more time with them.

Third and finally, I can leave UMA, knowing it is in great shape, with a tremendous leadership team in place to continue our momentum, growth and success.

Over the past six and a half years, we have accomplished so much together, including building public and private partnerships to create new programs in Architecture, Aviation and Nursing; enhancing student support through one-stop shopping and a new Enrollment Services Division; strengthening our nationally recognized support of veterans; acquiring the Gannett building that established a UMA presence in downtown Augusta; building a new state-of-the-art dental hygiene clinic on the Bangor campus; strengthening online and distance education and our relationship with University College centers; building an institutional research arm, so we could make data driven decisions; establishing an advancement and alumni office to tighten our ties with former students, while creating new revenue streams to support current students; and strengthening our relationship with the communities that surround us and building strong partnerships with business and civic leaders and legislators to strengthen economic development efforts in our region and state.

These were not my accomplishments, they were ours. Indeed, if I was going to take credit for any one accomplishment, it would be for assembling a great team that worked so well together, and made these many accomplishments happen.  That will surely continue in my absence.

I will be at UMA for about another month, so I will surely see most of you before I leave. As far as who will be taking my place on an interim basis, the Chancellor will be soliciting  input from people on campus and likely making a determination in the coming weeks.

I want to thank you all for providing me with this amazing opportunity to serve as your President. I will miss you, and regret that I will not be around to celebrate UMA’s 50th anniversary. But I know the next 50 will be just as exciting and notable, and as UMA moves forward into its next half century be assured I will be following UMA’s continued success from afar while forever carrying this special place close to my heart.







Allyson Handley

Provost Joseph Szakas has announced the University of Maine at Augusta’s Dean’s Lists. To be on the Dean's List, a student must earn a 3.25 grade point average for a given semester.

The list is organized by in-state county and town, followed by out of state and international students.

Spring 2014 Full-Time Dean’s List


Allie Floyd, Auburn; Subhecchya Ghimire, Auburn; Larry Meints, Auburn; Penny Tozier, Auburn; Devin Deschenes, Lewiston; Miranda Dixon, Lewiston; Cameron Lopez, Lewiston; Arika Olsen, Lewiston; Brian Smith, Lewiston; Holly Szady,Lewiston; Richard Bannister, Lisbon Falls; Caitlin Ramsay, Lisbon Falls; Haldon Bernard, Livermore; Holly Dubord, Livermore; Sandra Grondin, Livermore; Nichole Gardner, Livermore Falls; Michael Hebert, Livermore Falls; Robert Wilcox, Sabattus; Joshua Allaire,Turner.


Casey Quint, Cary Plt; Jessica Chasse, Connor Twp; Chelsea Sloat, Hodgdon; Morgan Albert-Denbow, Houlton; Dawn Denbow, Houlton; Kayli Farrar, Houlton; Makala Folsom, Houlton; Olivia Nickerson, Houlton; Jacqueline Spencer, Houlton; Ashley Grass, Littleton; Susan Hillegass, Saint David; Trudee Ramsay, Silver Ridge Twp.


Joel Seekins, Bailey Island; Keith McDonald, Bridgton; Crystal Anthony, Brunswick; Mark Anthony, Brunswick; Amanda Bridges, Brunswick; Paula Gustafson, Brunswick; Alexandra Jaksons, Brunswick; Mandy Merrill, Brunswick; Peter Stricklett, Brunswick; Kimberly McClelland, Freeport; Gerard Perry, Freeport; Adam Wallace, Freeport; Mallyssa Leng, Gorham; Dorie Barnes, Harpswell; Stephanie Whittingham, Harpswell; Ater Ater, Portland; Amanda Williams, Portland; Timothy Harmon, Scarborough; Nicole Krebs, Sebago; Valerie Lessard, South Portland; Todd Richard, Westbrook; Erica Cummings, Windham; Jonathon Raines, Windham; Laura Brooks, Yarmouth. 


Jennifer Chase, Carrabassett Valley; Katherine Gregory, Chesterville; Elizabeth Hebert, Chesterville; Laura Hutchins, Chesterville; Victoria Quirrion, Dryden; Kerrieann Harrison, East Dixfield; Benjamin Bailey, Farmington; Mechele Brown, Farmington; Stacy Austin, Industry; Brianna Farrington, Jay; Edward Walsh, Jay; Nicholas Watson, New Sharon; Ethan Kyes, Wilton.


Hilary Denvir, Bar Harbor; Hannah Robbins, Blue Hill; Gayle Chambers, Bucksport; Kimberly Gray, Bucksport; Dustin Jackson, Bucksport; Sarah Greene, Dedham; Harlee Webber, Eastbrook; Scott Firley, Ellsworth; Kyle Munn, Ellsworth; Kristen Schlaefer, Ellsworth; Krystal Wasson, Ellsworth; Kaylee Bouchard, Franklin; Patrick Skeate, Hulls Cove; Dalores French, Orland; Casi Farrar, Southwest Harbor; Katie Harriman, Stonington; Caroline Turner, Stonington; Amanda Billings, Sullivan; Janice Cross, Surry.


Matthew Clark, Albion; Megan Orr, Albion; Jaimee Anderson, Augusta; Christian Boright, Augusta; Jennifer Brown, Augusta; David Burden, Augusta; Brian Burns, Augusta; Joshua Carrier, Augusta; Arielle Cousens, Augusta; Michelle Cueto, Augusta; Hank Diplock, Augusta; Kelly Doyle, Augusta; Tyler Emerson, Augusta; Sarah Fortin, Augusta; Robert Foss, Augusta; Teagan Garbacik, Augusta; Holly Hamilton, Augusta; Corey Harris, Augusta; Courtney Jicks, Augusta; Jay Joslyn, Augusta; Erika King, Augusta; Stephen Kramer, Augusta; Autumn Lagasse, Augusta; Anthony Lopatosky, Augusta; Ralph Lyden, Augusta; Megan Mawhinney, Augusta; Kathy Morin, Augusta; John Nesbit, Augusta; Justin Onofrio, Augusta; Logan Parker, Augusta; Todd Parker, Augusta; Philippe Patenaude, Augusta; Tristan Power, Augusta; Matthew Raymond, Augusta; Brandon Rogers, Augusta; Ryan Roy, Augusta; Miranda Seger, Augusta; Bryant Sirois, Augusta; Matthew Swift, Augusta; Kristina Wilbur, Augusta; Jared Wilkinson, Augusta; Michael Hanson, Belgrade; Patrick Hunt, Belgrade; Janet Morang, Belgrade; Jacob Roddy, Belgrade; Lauren Pelletier, Belgrade Lakes; Jillian Guthrie, Benton; Kelly Pillsbury, Benton; Ruth Henderson, Chelsea; Jennifer Voter, Chelsea; Emily Smithson, China; Courtney Koller, Clinton; Vincent Genest, Fairfield; Miller Kapler, Fairfield; Nathan Letourneau, Fairfield; Jacob Allen, Farmingdale; Margaret Cousins, Farmingdale; Jonathon Markham, Farmingdale; Alison St.Pierre, Farmingdale; Lisa Steeves, Farmingdale; Brittney Veilleux,Farmingdale; Candis Howard, Gardiner; Deborah Klajbor, Gardiner; Mariah Moore,Gardiner; Bonnie Smith, Gardiner; Denise Terrell, Gardiner; Frank Tutwiler, Gardiner; Christina Williams, Gardiner; Nathanial Chadwick, Hallowell; Rebecca Cromwell, Hallowell; Danielle Fullmer, Hallowell; Scott Gress, Hallowell; Lucas Mosher, Hallowell; Roxanne Zwaga, Hallowell; Ryan Castonguay, Kents Hill; Tobias Knausenberger, Litchfield; Brynna Bedard, Manchester; Mariah Maheux, Manchester; Taylor McFarland, Manchester; Keith Bragg, Monmouth; Tamara Frost, Monmouth; Stephanie Knaus-Tucker, Monmouth; Kelsey Gray, Mount Vernon; Melissa Tobin, Mount Vernon; Jennifer Lola, North Monmouth; Louis Carey, North Vassalboro; Aaron Bagley, Oakland; Shaenen Gilpatrick, Oakland; Julie Kern, Oakland; Bethani Castania, Pittston; Rodney Hembree, Pittston; Benjamin Godfrey, Randolph; James Gorham, Randolph; Lisa Struck, Readfield; Tammy Lyons, Rome; Michael Archer, Sidney; Tobby Bragdon, Sidney; Kristen Cormier, Sidney; Casey Milligan, Sidney; Rebecca Winter, Sidney; Baileigh Gosselin, South China; Jeanne Hanson, South China; Michael Hollander, South China; Catherine Morse, South China; Sydney Watson, South China; Paul Arbour, South Gardiner; Steven Whittemore, Vassalboro; Nicole Bayley, Waterville; Alyssa Carrow, Waterville; Robert Condon, Waterville; Ryan Donovan, Waterville; Keeley Moseley, Waterville; Laurie Quirion, Waterville; Heidi Raynes, Waterville; Michael Temple, Waterville; Blaine Ward, Waterville; Nicole Hallett, West Gardiner; Charlotte MacDonald, West Gardiner; Emily MacDonald, West Gardiner; Kory Peckham, West Gardiner; Todd Stevens, West Gardiner; Andrea Avery, Windsor; Kyla Hershey-Wilson, Windsor; Elizabeth Knight, Windsor; Richard Frappier, Winslow; Dawna Grard, Winslow; Drew Moody, Winslow; Leon Orenstein, Winslow; Allison Woodside, Winslow; Christopher Balcer, Winthrop; Victoria Chamberlain, Winthrop; Clinton Pettengill, Winthrop; Tara Stevens, Winthrop; Zachary Stevens, Winthrop; Mary Swearingen, Winthrop; Cecile Thomas, Winthrop; Sara Vogel, Winthrop.


Wenda Fisher, Appleton; Jamie Eaton, Camden; Kendall Espinosa, Camden; Elizabeth Hendrick, Camden; Douglas Lord, Camden; Stephanie Ross, Friendship; Rosanna Bowman, Hope; Tammra Ferraiolo, Owls Head; Holly Leuning, Owls Head; Helen Rogers, Owls Head; Kathleen Boegel, Rockland; Elizabeth Brown, Rockland; Jennifer Dostie-Stewart, Rockland; Richard Fortuna, Rockland; Erin Hustus, Rockland; Rhonda Lee, Rockland; Daniel Osier, Rockland; Melissa Sullivan-Fortuna, Rockland; Barry Saucier, Rockport; Justin Snow, South Thomaston; Lynnette Chase, Thomaston; Brandy Erskine, Thomaston; Jennifer Roberts, Thomaston; Joy Skarka, Thomaston; Margaret Troost, Thomaston; Jennifer Boynton, Warren; Kelly Leidenroth, Warren; Peter Mills, Warren; Laura Ruffner, Warren.


Katherine Landry, Boothbay Harbor; Jennifer Delano, Damariscotta; Angela Musto, Dresden; Brian Donovan, East Boothbay; Andrea James, Jefferson; Barbara Kirchdorfer, Jefferson; Matthew Knight, Jefferson; Abigail Peabody, Jefferson; Amy Krawic, Newcastle; Alyssa FitzGerald, Nobleboro; Zachary Lane, Nobleboro; Zachary Melvin, Waldoboro; Roy Sawyer, Waldoboro; Kristine Wagstaff, Waldoboro; Courtney Alexander, Whitefield; Jacqueline Cartlidge, Whitefield; Sarah Garthoff, Whitefield; Christine McCormick, Whitefield; Susan McCrimmon, Whitefield; Brittany Shorey, Whitefield.


Enock Glidden, Albany Twp; Shanta Hoff, Bethel; Robyn Hamilton, Bryant Pond; Benjamin Stoodley, Hartford; Heather Burgess, Mexico; Ashley Duguay, Mexico; Kathrynne Gerrish, Mexico; Tyler Smith, Mexico; Judy Taylor, Mexico; Raymond Heikkinen, Norway; Chad Hill, Norway; Tammy Thomas, Otisfield; Marie Sleight, Oxford; Dawna Kazregis, Peru; Sheila Albanesi, Rumford; Megan Buotte, Rumford; Kim Cocca, Rumford; Wesley Dunbar, Rumford; Jessica Rodrigue, Rumford; Richarda Marston, South Paris; Melinda Thurlow, Waterford; Martha Thompson, West Paris.


Jocelyn Acheson, Bangor; Emilee Bachelder, Bangor; Kerrie Beckett, Bangor; Amber Bickmore, Bangor; Shaun Bourque, Bangor; Melissa Brooks, Bangor; Amanda Buzzell, Bangor; Lori Chalila, Bangor; Chelsea Curran, Bangor; Heidi England, Bangor; Briana Field, Bangor; Lewis Giles, Bangor; Lettie Harris, Bangor; Earl Hill, Bangor; John Hinte, Bangor; Michael Jacobs, Bangor; Nicole Jenkins, Bangor; Kylie Jettinghoff, Bangor; Whitney Jordan, Bangor; Nicholas Leeman, Bangor; Taylor Maurice, Bangor; Sarah McGowan, Bangor; Deborah Norton, Bangor; Regan Robson, Bangor; Kayla Rockwell, Bangor; Cherry Saucier, Bangor; Nathan Searles, Bangor; Lisa Seeley, Bangor; Jessica Silliboy, Bangor; Casey Smith, Bangor; Sarah Spade, Bangor; Amanda Spencer, Bangor; Valerie Thompson, Bangor; Allan Walker, Bangor; Jessica Walsh, Bangor; Jeffrey Williams, Bradford; Megan Young, Bradford; Jodi Worcester, Bradley; Emilee Brochu, Brewer; Laurie Frisbey, Brewer; Dustin Gallagher, Brewer; Jared Gravelle, Brewer; Aurora Hess, Brewer; Heather Lyon, Brewer; Lindsay Murphy, Brewer; Ashley Perry, Brewer; Karyn Raymond, Brewer; Deborah Smith, Brewer; Erica Sturrock, Brewer; Maggie Sullivan, Brewer; Carlos Graves, Carmel; Kevin Holland, Carmel; Amanda Crocker, Charleston; Aaron Reynolds, Corinna; Misty Reynolds, Corinna; Kevin Smith, Corinna; Remay Burke, Corinth; Emily Spinney, Corinth; Alan Pinkham, Dixmont; Natasha Riddle, Dixmont; Sarah Frick, Eddington; Kristen Timms, Eddington; Stephen Grondin, Etna; John Marchelletta, Etna; Annette Coderre-Proulx, Exeter; Hillary-Ray Matteson, Exeter; Barbara McGowen, Exeter; Danielle Ventucci, Glenburn; Jessie Stone, Greenbush; Lance Ambrose, Hampden; Meredith Bean, Hampden; Stephen Casey, Hampden; Christopher Dinwiddie, Hampden; Kimberly Dunham, Hampden; Brendon Ford, Hampden; Suzanne Fougere, Hampden; Emily Nelson, Hampden; Heather Saucier, Hampden; Anna Smelser, Hampden; Abigail White, Hampden; Misty Beylerian, Hermon; Michael Frederick, Hermon; Brad O'Brien, Hermon; Dwayne Parsons, Hermon; Julia Rackliff, Hermon; Krista Foster, Hudson; Paul Leonard, Kenduskeag; Heather Brinson, Lagrange; Patricia Graffam, Levant; Sara Marsh, Levant; Rianne Gardner, Lincoln; Elisabeth Stevens, Lincoln; Kelcey Steward, Lincoln; Melissa Troulis, Lincoln; Emily Boyd, Medway; Paul Coover, Medway; Nicole Cram, Medway; Antoinette Thompson, Medway; Jennifer Carlow, Milford; Shannon Foley, Milford; Chelsie Libby, Milford; Cassandra Pool, Milford; Rhonda Lamm, Millinocket; Lindsey McLain, Millinocket; Noah Pappano, Millinocket; Jennifer Cianchette, Newport; Heather Elderkin, Newport; Joseph Haskell, Newport; Megan Babb, Old Town; Melissa Cameron, Old Town; Cori Conary, Old Town; Sonya Easley, Old Town; Paul Oliver, Old Town; Shannon Charette,Orono; Natasha Tweedie, Orono; Kate Weatherbee, Orono; Demetre Kopteros, Orrington; Hannah Leonard, Orrington; Emily Speid, Orrington; Stacy Pacelli, Prentiss Twp; Kerrianne Howland, Veazie; Tanya Kaler, Veazie; Michael Rossignol, Veazie.


Brittany Burnett, Abbot; Kristin Dulac, Dover Foxcroft; Denise Malloy, Dover Foxcroft; Chelsi Martell, Dover Foxcroft; Jennifer Sylvain, Dover Foxcroft; Skye Hinkley, Greenville; Velvet Bennett, Guilford; Peter McGuire, Guilford; Tiffany Lancour, Milo; April Sawyer, Milo; Ashley Bowley, Sangerville.


Ann Marie Ater, Bath; Christina Gilpatric, Bath; Larissa Jacobs, Bath; Hallie Johnston, Bath; Bonnie LaFrance, Bath; Jesse Leeman, Bath; Darah Moshier, Bath; Benjamin Brown, Bowdoinham; Morgan Hart, Georgetown; Donovan Chapman, Richmond; Duncan Chesley, Richmond; Daniel Ouellette, Richmond; Jamie Plummer, Richmond; Tonya Thurlow, Richmond; Maylynn Bubar, Topsham; Nicole Crippen, Topsham; Cassandra Henson, Topsham; Julieann Lamoreau, Topsham; Robert Levesque, Topsham; Bolaji Odunlami, Topsham; Melissa Ward, Topsham; Amanda Bernier, West Bath; Julie Carleton, West Bath; Diane Bibber-Oden, Woolwich; Linda Potts-Crawford, Woolwich.


Kayla Corson, Athens; Jessica Shoudy, Canaan; Ashley Kitchin, Detroit; Harry Ward, Detroit; Jessica Robichaud, Fairfield; Danielle Chesley, Norridgewock; Danielle Devaney, Norridgewock; Caitlin Koller, Norridgewock; Christopher London, Palmyra; Gretchen Clark, Skowhegan; Alexis Cote, Skowhegan; Sara Forbus, Skowhegan; Holly Hannon, Skowhegan; Erin Sevey, Skowhegan; Katie Whalen, Skowhegan; Erica Davis, Solon; Billie Lawrence, Solon; Carrie Zawalik, Solon.


Jason Bowers, Belfast; Joan Jackson, Belfast; Heather Marlow, Belfast; Andrew Radford, Belfast; Melissa Woodrow, Belfast; Rurik Brackett, Knox; Kristina Spaulding, Knox; Kellie Spencer, Knox; Tristen Ripley, Liberty; Margaret Fowler, Lincolnville; Maria Irrera, Lincolnville; Ryan Nisbet, Lincolnville; Olivia Seibel, Lincolnville; Carly Jackson, Montville; Angela Douglas, Northport; Dawn Fowler, Palermo; Chelsea Roberts, Palermo; Chelsey Roy, Prospect; Danielle Tompkins, Prospect; Travis Rowe, Searsport; Aaron Harris, Swanville; Lynette Walauski, Swanville; Kivah Hansen, Thorndike; Charla Burnett, Winterport; Diane Dorcy, Winterport; Aylah Ireland, Winterport.


RoseMarie Carver, Beals; Joshua Maker, Machias; Kimberly Carter, Princeton; Lydia Mather, Princeton.


Lee Demers, Arundel; Sharon Gardner, Biddeford; Nicole Wingfield, Biddeford; Liam Scanlon, Limington; Pamela Belisle, Old Orchard Beach; Abigail Campbell, Old Orchard Beach; Tammy Miranda, Old Orchard Beach; Danielle Gray, Saco; Daphne Innes, South Berwick; Lien Fajardo, Springvale.

Out of State

Hannah Milligan, Bella Vista; AR
Kayleigh Dittmar, Omaha; NE
Lacey Jones, Sesser; IL
Joshua Jones, Millersburg; OH
Laura Jones, Madras; OR
Jefferson Caroline Fauvel, Brooklyn; NY
Rebecca Seaborn, Yates City; IL
Morgan McNaughton, Newmanstown; PA
Daniel Pozner, Canton; MA
Amanda Fleig, Stanley; NY
Makaela Thompson, Tucson; AZ
John Burnham, Beltsville; MD
Julie Landi, Fort Pierce; FL John Till, Hudson; OH
Zachary Parent, Exeter; RI Courtney Mullins, Pound; VA

Out of Country

Thomas Helies Locmaria-Plouzane, France
Fabien Jaffre, Plouzanne, France
Judith Rodriguez Salas, Sopelana, Spain
Wook Heo, Uijengbu Kyeonggi Do

Spring 2014 Part-Time Dean’s List


Stephanie Howe, Auburn; Katrina McNeal, Auburn; Robert Prescott, Auburn; Alysia Coleman, Durham; Lisa Dunphy, Durham; Kaylee Leino, Durham; Tonya Robert, Greene; Charity Shorey, Greene; Matthew Wise, Leeds; Lena Hann, Lewiston; Mary Mccarthy, Lewiston; Sheila Roy, Lewiston; Bradley Elwell, Lisbon; Liana Fleck, Lisbon; Andrew Ames, Livermore Falls; Jon Dupee, Mechanic Falls; Christopher Galasso, Mechanic Falls; Emily Martin, Poland; Klorissa Owen, Sabattus.


Patrick Blanchette, Houlton; Debra Hopewell, Houlton; Paige Doyen, Mapleton; Anthony Pranses, Portage; Haley Lizotte, Van Buren; Kristen Hoglund, Wallagrass; Abigail Pelletier, Winterville Plt.


Haley Ellis, Bath; Brandon Goding, Bridgton; Rebecca Poole, Bridgton; Cynthia Anthony, Brunswick; Jennifer Burton, Brunswick; Emma Clayton, Brunswick; Molly Eames, Brunswick; Amy Feeley, Brunswick; Jennifer Girardin, Brunswick; Melissa Kapocius, Brunswick; Elizabeth Kinsella, Brunswick; Jennifer Nicholson, Brunswick; Jennifer Freeman, Cumberland Center; Eric Philbrook, Gray; Amy Tobalske, Gray; Kimberly Merriam, Harpswell; Kristy Gray, Naples; Laura Kelly-Hartery, Portland; Chelsea Simcock, Portland; Sheryl Flannery, Scarborough; Sabrina Newcomb, Sebago; Kelly Galbraith, South Portland; Justin Wiley, South Portland; Stephanie Parsons, Standish; Garrett Murray, Westbrook; Amy Look, Windham.


Erica Butler, Eustis; Stacy Maxham, Farmington; Andrea Bradford, Jay; Frank Williams, Jay; Denise Worcester, Jay; Ashley Dugay, Wilton.


Michelle Snowman, Bar Harbor; Jessica St Amand, Bass Harbor; Lisa Bowden, Blue Hill; Karla Glick, Bucksport; Megan Staples, Bucksport; Jerica Whited, Dedham; Colin Barclay, Eastbrook; Pamela Betts, Ellsworth; Angie Butler, Ellsworth; Briana Chattin, Ellsworth; April Falkenstern, Ellsworth; Chantelle Fitzsimmons, Ellsworth; Kaloe Haslam, Ellsworth; Olivia Homsted, Ellsworth; Patricia LeSan, Hancock; Susan Closson, Lamoine; Malerie Lockhart, Lamoine; Meghan Schultz, Lamoine; Keegan Wardwell, Lamoine; Nina Zeldin, Lamoine; Jennifer Stanley, Surry; Sarah Oleson, Trenton; Colleen Sargent, Trenton.


Lynette Barton, Augusta; Brian Beavis, Augusta; Samuel Boynton, Augusta; Sarah Brunelle, Augusta; Ryan Burk, Augusta; Tia Cardillo, Augusta; Noella Clements, Augusta; Alyssa Cloutier, Augusta; Julia Ellis, Augusta; Gretchen Fehlau, Augusta; Kathleen Felch, Augusta; Amanda Field, Augusta; Amanda Frost, Augusta; Jeremy Gervais, Augusta; Jazmine Guilmette, Augusta; Danielle Guimond, Augusta; Jennifer Laliberte, Augusta; Mary Libby, Augusta; Jeremiah Lindelof, Augusta; Roger Mackbach, Augusta; Renee Madore, Augusta; Diane Morin, Augusta; Samantha Nowlin, Augusta; Rita Pare-Peters, Augusta; Michael Pattershall, Augusta; Michelle Patterson, Augusta; Linda Randall, Augusta; Sarah Roberts, Augusta; Jessica Rowe, Augusta; Jaime Spadea, Augusta; Denae Spencer, Augusta; Michael Squires, Augusta; Jeffrey Tyler, Augusta; Mary Varney, Augusta; Melissa Walden, Augusta; David Weiss, Augusta; Lesley Woodard, Augusta; Courtney Alley, Belgrade; Richard Cormier, Belgrade; Tammy Holman, Belgrade; Stephanie Kadnar, Belgrade; Kristin Whittemore, Benton; David Allen, Chelsea; Holly Patton, Chelsea; Bethany Fisher, China; Katie Hutchings, China; Trina Bajpai, Fairfield; Jennifer Bryant, Fairfield; Cory Cookson, Fairfield; Dustin Davidson, Fairfield; Amanda Kelly, Fairfield; Renee Oakes, Fairfield; Lisa Scully, Fairfield; Dusty St Amand, Fairfield; Crystal Beaulieu, Farmingdale; Jessica Blake, Farmingdale; Darcy Casey, Farmingdale; Krystal-Lee Chang, Farmingdale; Ann Cookson, Farmingdale; Roger Cookson, Farmingdale; Tracy Jackson, Farmingdale; Abraham Mackenzie, Farmingdale; Katrina Williams, Farmingdale; Jessica Betit, Gardiner; Frank Crawford, Gardiner; Michael Drashcovich, Gardiner; Kristin Martin, Gardiner; Kevin Mcgrory, Gardiner; Evan Palmer, Gardiner; Jessica Pilkington, Gardiner; Leah Russell, Gardiner; Scott Smith, Gardiner; Thomas Towle, Gardiner; Jennie Williams, Gardiner; Andree Wright, Gardiner; Scott Armington, Hallowell; Janice Spencer, Litchfield; Heidi Olson, Manchester; Darren Hicks, Monmouth; Diana Timberlake, Monmouth; David Faulhaber, Mount Vernon; Jackqulyn Galbreath, Mount Vernon; Matthew Waterman, N Monmouth; Ginnie Davin, North Monmouth; Tanya Allen, Oakland; Cheyenne Godding, Oakland; Veronica Hopkins, Oakland; Jessica Needham, Oakland; Stephanie Rewa, Oakland; Michelle White, Oakland; Cynthia Gagne, Pittston; Tori MacDougall, Pittston; Zachary Abram, Randolph; Michael Martin, Randolph; Amy Bley, Readfield; David Giroux, Readfield; Kallie Glover, Readfield; Thomas Carrothers, Rome; Crystal French, Rome; Michelle Fontaine, Sidney; Sarah Gardella, Sidney; Viola Marshall, Sidney; Christina Smith, Sidney; Angela Thrasher, Sidney; Melissa Damren, South China; Nicole Hart, South Gardiner; Patricia Ranks, South Gardiner; Sara Brown, Vassalboro; Hannibal Kane, Vassalboro; Kasey Markham, Vassalboro; Kailah Reed, Vassalboro; Amy Wilson, Vassalboro; Brittney Begin, Waterville; Michael Campbell, Waterville; Christopher Chaput, Waterville; Holly Gerard, Waterville; Jessica Hallett, Waterville; Jeri Hume-Trott, Waterville; Kristen Kilcollins, Waterville; Jade Noonan, Waterville; Kaleigh Swasey, Waterville; Shanna Tracy, Waterville; Lori Williams, Waterville; Alison Lincoln-Rich, Wayne; Leanne Buttery, West Gardiner; Cheryl Quirrion, West Gardiner; Kayla Bates, Windsor; Carolyn Clark, Windsor; Cara Madore, Windsor; Brie-Anne Mellor, Windsor; Candice Flaherty, Winslow; Franklin Foley, Winslow; Lisa Morin, Winslow; Tammey Quirion, Winslow; Nicholas Vashon, Winslow; Stephen Currie, Winthrop; Jacqueline Gosselin, Winthrop; Julie Moore, Winthrop; William Rogers, Winthrop.


Wendy Byrd, Appleton; Susan Dorr, Camden; Sarah Duggan, Camden; Ashley Goff, Camden; Martin Hamalainen, Camden; Lauren Libby, Camden; Debra Whittier, Camden; Alexandra Winsper, Camden; Ashley-Mae Deabler, Cushing; Crystal Hanson, Cushing; Kathleen Starrs, Cushing; Chandler Barter, Friendship; Jasmine Doughty, Friendship; Briana Coburn, Hope; Brianna McClintock, Hope; Shani Watmough, Jefferson; Sherri Black, Rockland; Meagan Cash, Rockland; Erica Davis, Rockland; April Devarney, Rockland; Laci Devarney, Rockland; Kathy Estabrook, Rockland; Emily Harwood, Rockland; Christina Healey, Rockland; Sandra Lawrence, Rockland; Chelsea Malmstrom, Rockland; David Mills, Rockland; Joan Mitchell, Rockland; Nathanael Morin, Rockland; Carol Patterson, Rockland; Adrienne Randall, Rockland; Jessica White, Rockland; Elizabeth Burgess, Rockport; Nellie Burns, Rockport; Priscilla Davis, Rockport; Kristin King, Rockport; Elspeth Mitchell, Rockport; Maureen Morse, Rockport; Christopher Nickerson, South Thomaston; Brittany Willis, South Thomaston; Elizabeth Myers, Spruce Head; Kristi Smith, Spruce Head; Katelyn Taylor, Spruce Head; David Williams, Spruce Head; Katherine Barthelette, Thomaston; Craig MacIntosh, Thomaston; Matthew Whitman, Thomaston; Amy Lea, Union; Cherri Merrifield, Union; Heather Ames, Warren; Dwight Fowles, Warren; Kathryn Rose, Warren; Lauren Taylor, Warren; Douglas Hayward, Washington.


Taylor Eddy, Boothbay; Timothy Reed, Boothbay; Rachael Sloat, Boothbay; Madison McCarthy, Boothbay Harbor; Philip Newcombe, Coopers Mills; Richard Beaudoin, Damariscotta; Robin Harvie, Damariscotta; Casandra Young, Damariscotta; Kathryn Young, Damariscotta; Roman Stuart, Dresden; Elizabeth McIlwain, East Boothbay; Tammy Meserve, Edgecomb; Casey Clark-Kelley, Jefferson; Jennifer Hayes, Jefferson; Lisa Hodgkins, Jefferson; Adrienne Leeman, Jefferson; John Robinson, Jefferson; Elizabeth Wild, Jefferson; Misty Cole, Waldoboro; Margaret Collamorecampbell, Waldoboro; Lyn Hall, Waldoboro; Colleen Hilt, Waldoboro; Ryan Moody, Waldoboro; Jonathan Paul, Waldoboro; Tasha Readinger, Waldoboro; Mariah Deblois, Whitefield; Lynsie Dube, Whitefield; Margaret Flanagan, Whitefield; Joni Jones, Whitefield; Ian Shaw, Whitefield; Lisa Barnes, Wiscasset; Tina Caron, Wiscasset; Joelle Haase, Wiscasset; Karen Sherlock, Wiscasset.


Kim Remington, Albany Twp; Shirley Boynton, Dixfield; Deirdra Gallant, Dixfield; William Chapman, Greenwood; Ashley Hutter, Hebron; Josette Duguay, Mexico; Randall Marcoux, Mexico; Kathrine Newton, Mexico; Ryane O'Leary, Mexico; Denielle Richard, Mexico; Mara Smith, Mexico; Rikki Welch, Mexico; Marcus Bennett, Norway; Suzanna Gallant, Norway; Shannon Simons, Norway; Jessica Van Loan, Norway; Dena Marsh, Otisfield; Diane Delano, Oxford; Bethany Wulleman, Oxford; Denise Adkins, Peru; Amanda Marston, Peru; Amanda Putnam, Peru; Amy Smith, Peru; Shelly Tripp, Peru; Tasha White, Peru; Bethany Wright, Peru; Jessica Goff, Rumford; Jeanette Jacques, Rumford; Yvonne Lucas, Rumford; John MacDonald, Rumford; Janet Ramey, Rumford; Deborah Laverdiere, South Paris; Susan Manchester, South Paris; Judith Pelletier, South Paris; Stephanie Rowe, South Paris; Erica Stevens, Sumner; Kendra Davis, West Paris; Roxanne Jewell, West Paris; Brandan Roberts, West Paris; Rachel Fogg, Woodstock.


Claire Andrews, Bangor; April Archibald, Bangor; Heather Chapman, Bangor; Charity Cormier, Bangor; Jennifer Frey, Bangor; Elizabeth Hagerman, Bangor; Jill Hamm, Bangor; Avery Herzog, Bangor; Ian Kasprzak, Bangor; Alyssa Keezer, Bangor; Samantha Kennedy, Bangor; Erin Kinney, Bangor; Ashley Mason, Bangor; Holly Merchant, Bangor; Raymond Nason, Bangor; Elizabeth Pelkey, Bangor; Susan Reynolds, Bangor; Cayla Sirois, Bangor; Sheila Stafford, Bangor; Amie Thomas, Bangor; Colleen Towers, Bangor; Karyssa Upham, Bangor; Mary Jakubowski, Brewer; Paula Kelley, Brewer; Anthony Pelletier, Brewer; Christine Walsh, Brewer; Lori Bigelow, Carmel; Tamara Goodwin, Carmel; Marylou Melvin, Dexter; Louise Robinson, Dexter; Adrienne Roundy, Dixmont; Trista McGibney, Etna; Deanna Genovese, Garland; Angela Hobson, Glenburn; Christal Ryder, Glenburn; Terry Bean, Hampden; Jeri Carney, Hampden; Chad Houp, Hampden; Susan Howe, Hampden; Constance Oliver, Hampden; Kenneth Pratt, Hampden; Ashley Doughty, Hermon; Maegan Moulton, Hermon; Kristin Preble, Hermon; Samantha Shane, Hermon; Diane Raymond, Holden; Keith Witherspoon, Holden; Loree Libby, Howland; Jill Harper, Hudson; Sherri Mitchell, Indian Island; Sherry Carrier, Kenduskeag; Hillary Davies, Kenduskeag; Jessica Howard, Kenduskeag; Francine Ciulla, Lee; Janet Cyr, Lee; Kevin McCutcheon, Lincoln; Peter Leach, Milford; Jessica Lonko, Milford; Kathleen Pelkey, Milford; Victoria Perkins, Milford; Patrisha Wheelden, Milford; Donald Dicker, Millinocket; Sharon Goodwin, Millinocket; Pamela Isaac, Millinocket; Michael Madore, Millinocket; Christopher Gelo, Old Town; Jessica Pike, Old Town; Hannah Priest, Old Town; Connor Spencer, Old Town; Alisha Stannard, Old Town; Hannah Glover, Orono; David L'Heureux, Orono; Joseph Walker, Orono; Melissa Colavecchio, Orrington; Kennedy Gilmore, Orrington; Jennifer Siering, Orrington; Bridget Stuart, Orrington; Tamalina Graves, Plymouth; Sara Charters, Stetson; Sherry Levesque-Slogrove, Stillwater; Penny Theriault, Stillwater.


Dawn Pratt, Abbot; Marilee Page, Brownville; Mary Watters, Brownville; Maria Mills, Brownville Junction; Charles Larson, Dover Foxcroft; Pamela Raymond, Dover Foxcroft; Christina Giroux, Greenville; Sandra Sikes, Greenville; Stephen Perkins, Sangerville; Merrily Fales, Sebec.


Candy Downs, Bath; Lisa LaPointe, Bath; Andrea Maillet, Bath; Jessica McInnis, Bath; Dorinda Roye, Bath; Nathan Shaw, Bath; Kenneth Walden, Bath; Susan Bryer, Bowdoinham; Emily Stevens, Georgetown; Jennifer Chapman, Richmond; Sarah Coughlin, Richmond; Sarah Brewer, Sebasco Estates; David Brown, Topsham; Angela Contreras, Topsham; Sharon May, Topsham; Bruce Rytky, Topsham; Christina Tome, West Bath; Joan Reynolds, Woolwich; Amanda Richards, Woolwich.


Dawn Baker, Canaan; Mark Bridges-Music, Canaan; Arielle Maloon, Detroit; Anthony Paulette, Fairfield; Melody Beaman, Madison; Cynthia Kennard, Madison; Tracie Lesperance, Norridgewock; Nicole Getchell-King, Pittsfield; Christina Blodgett, Skowhegan; Beth Enman, Skowhegan; Jennifer Kilgore, Skowhegan; Lorrie Sanborn, Skowhegan; Paul Vitalone, Skowhegan.


Cameron Chalmers, Belfast; David Goguen, Belfast; Kathleen Osgood, Belfast; Paula Rehlander, Belfast; Michael Scott, Belfast; Renee Knowles, Belmont; Jody Furrow, Freedom; Rebecca Furrow, Freedom; Brian Englander, Lincolnville; Keshia Young, Lincolnville; Laurie Roy, Morrill; Rebecca Lux Soc, Palermo; Lawrence Fagan, Searsmont; Normand Bosse, Searsport; Russell Hughes, Searsport; Kelly Pattershall, Stockton Springs; Lee Gernon-Lakin, Unity; Lindsey Weiser, Unity; Carol Berry, Waldo; Jesse Waryck, Waldo; Jessica Small, Winterport.


Royann Lozier, Calais; Maya Bryant, Cherryfield; Rebecca Fletcher, Cherryfield; Raymond Johnson, Lubec; Cassie Kinney, Lubec; Kimberly Sawyer, Pembroke; Dachelle McCarthy, Princeton; Faye Socobasin, Princeton.


Tara Salonen, Acton; Eugene Wood, Biddeford; Kevin Stack, Buxton; Joann Cope, Cornish; Nicole Pelletier, Kittery; Vicki Schaller, Lebanon; Joy Boisvert, Saco; Heather Levasseur, Saco; Carolyn Noble, Saco; Dionna Reynolds, Saco; Timothy Sweeney, Saco; Dennis Dube, Sanford; Jennifer Hunter, Wells.

French FlagWe are looking for host families, roommates sharing an apartment, “friendship families” or “starter” families for next year

Have you considered hosting a UMA French exchange student during the 2014-2015 academic year? Families located in Augusta or the surrounding area would be ideal, as students from the University of Western Brittany will need to travel to UMA multiple times a week.

New this year: we are looking for “starter families” to help a student for up to three weeks to get settled in Augusta. This might include driving the student to the bank to set up an account, helping navigate phone service choices, and driving to see apartments to meet potential roommates. This would be a big help to the students!

Families are paid a small stipend of $250/month to cover any expenses, and students are expected to share in the cost of family meals. The French students need to have their own room.

If you are looking for a roommate, this is another possibility; the students would share in the costs of renting.

This is an excellent opportunity to learn about another culture, teach children/teenagers about other countries, and build a rich friendship.

Students arrive late August and depart early May. If you are interested but unable to host for a full year, we may be able to find two interested families who wish to host (for example, Sept.-December and January-May).

In addition, if you are not able to host but wish to help in some way, we are also looking for “friendship families” who would visit with the student each month and/or have the student come for occasional weekend visits for the first four months of the year. 

We need your help! Please don’t hesitate to write if you have any questions or wish to explore possibilities. We have short bios on each student with a photo. UN GRAND MERCI!

For more information, please contact: Chelsea Ray Associate Professor of French and Comparative Literature, UMA (best way to reach me over the summer); (207) 621-3487

acadian congress flagFrench Club trip to World Acadian Congress in Madawaska 

August 14th-17th 

Sign ups start on Tuesday, April 29th at 8:00 a.m. in the Office of Student Life (limited to 12 students) 

See trip schedule for departure and return times (copy available in Office of Student Life). 

Cost due at the time of sign up: $80 per person ($25 non-refundable, the remaining $55 will be refunded only if we are able to fill your spot) 

Senior college students can sign up starting on Thursday, May 8th at 8 a.m. for the trip at cost ($260, $25 non-refundable, the remaining $245 will be refunded only if we are able to fill your spot) 

Trip price includes: transportation, lodging in Fort Kent dorm (2 people per room, may be co-ed), all breakfasts, 2 shared meals out, entrance fees to the International Congress, and a trip to Acadian Archives at University of Maine at Fort Kent 

What is the World Acadian Congress? 

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of an international celebration in Maine that will include visitors from Louisiana, France, Canada, and other parts of the world! Hear concerts from Cajun Louisiana and sample food! We have planned the UMA trip around the pinnacle event, the great tintamarre, which is a celebratory parade. Don’t miss this incredible event! 

To learn more about the Congress, see: 

Come learn more about the trip at our next French Club meeting: Thursday, April 24th from 11:45-12:45 p.m. in Jewett 189 

Attend our orientation to the trip on Friday, May 2nd at 11:45-12:45 p.m. in Jewett 189 
(we will select rooms at this time) 
For more information about the trip, contact Chelsea Ray and Mike Cyr, 

French Club co-advisors: 621-3487 973-3390 

Annie CollinsSecond Annual Awards Presented at the Senator Inn  Augusta – Next Step Maine, a program of the Maine Development Foundation, today recognized 21 winners of the Next Step Maine Scholarship in a presentation at the Senator Inn. This is the second year of the Next Step Maine Scholarship, a fund designed to recognize “Employees of Promise” who are nominated by their employers. The goal of the fund is to support and recognize working adults who are pursuing college degrees or certificates while also juggling jobs, families, and other responsibilities. The scholarships include seventeen $1,000 awards, two $1,500 awards, and two $500 awards.

Jennifer Laliberte“The future of Maine’s economy rests on the shoulders of people like those we are recognizing today: people pursuing college degrees and advanced training,” said Amertah Perman, Program Director for the Maine Development Foundation. “The jobs of the future, here and across the nation, will require greater levels of education, skills, and training than ever before. There are over 187,000 adults in Maine who started college but didn’t complete a degree, and with the Next Step Maine Scholarship we want to move some of these dedicated adults a little closer to that goal.”

Attendees at today’s awards reception included the scholarship winners, their employers, families and friends as well as major donors to the scholarship fund.

Employers who nominated their employees for the scholarships are members of a statewide network of 219 employers who have committed to take one more step to support education and
Melissa Kapociustraining by providing better opportunities for their employees. The Next Step Maine project is a website based resource developed to better assist adult learners in their efforts to return to school and advance their education by providing informational resources on a variety of schools and programs throughout the State. There are 15 colleges and universities collaborating on the site, which lists over 700 “adult friendly” degree programs.


Jonathan Heath“We know that employers are critical; when employers demonstrate support for skill development and higher education, employees are far more likely to take action to pursue a degree or career goal,” continued Perman. “And when they reach those goals and milestones, the employer, the individual, and the whole state benefit.”

Donors to the Next Step Maine scholarship fund and awards event include the Maine Community Foundation, Acadia Insurance, Androscoggin County Chamber of Commerce, Bangor Savings Bank, Bancroft & Company, Cianbro, Doyle & Nelson, Pratt & Whitney, Reny’s, Saint Joseph’s College of Maine, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Maine State Council, the University of Maine System, Unum, and WEX. A volunteer committee worked with staff at the Maine Development Foundation to read and review over 76 nominations received from employers.

Lauren Perkins“We are so happy to work with the Maine Development Foundation in the effort to recognize employees who are going the extra mile,” said Deb Whitworth, President of the SHRM Maine State Council. “As human resources professionals, we know how important it is to find and develop the very best talent for Maine’s employers, and ultimately for our economy as a whole.”