Dental Hygiene

Combine courses in anatomy, physiology, medical microbiology and more, with hands-on learning in our Dental Health Clinic located right on the Bangor campus. Under the supervision of UMA’s outstanding staff, you’ll work on real patients in our Clinic, fully preparing you to enter upon graduation into this highly in-demand, well paying profession.

Degree Offered: B.S. and A.S. in Dental Hygiene
Certificate in Dental Assisting Offered on the Bangor campus


"5 W's of Xylitol: An Effective Approach for Total Health"

Presented by: Wasatch Sale's Lisa Stillman, RDH, BS

Wednesday, February 26th, 6:00pm-8:00pm
124 Eastport Hall
2 Category I CEUS for hygienists, EFDAs and dentists

Although dental decay is largely preventable, it is still considered to be the most common, chronic infectious disease of children ages 5-17. It is impossible to completely avoid sugar in our diets, so a more realistic approach would be to consider incorporating a natural sweetener substitute, such as xylitol, into our daily lifestyle.

The Five W's of xylitol; the Who, What, When, Where, and Why will become clear upon completion of this 2 hour course. In addition, attendees will gain a greater appreciation for the many preventive and therapeutic benefits of xylitol.

Cutting Edge Xylitol Education
2 Continuing Education Credits
Samples of Spry Xylitol Products
Special Pricing on Spry Xylitol Products

Registration begins immediately. Please send check of $30.00 (made payable to UMA) toDental Health Programs, 201 Texas Ave. Bangor, ME 04401 Attn: Torrie Tardiff. Any questions please contact the Dental Health Programs at 207-262-7870.

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*Please note that the course will be offered in 124 Eastport Hall, on the UMA-Bangor campus.


Table Clinics are on April 15th from 5:30pm-8:30pm
124 Eastport Hall, Bangor campus


Local Anesthesia

If we have enough participants, we will be offering a Local Anesthesia course. Anesthesia will be held 8-5 on May 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th, & 16th. In order to participate, you need to have a current RDH license, CPR card and Hep B records.

The book that will be used for the course (and needs to be purchased by the participants) is:

For Anesthesia, Malamed's "Handbook of Local Anesthesia", 6TH Edition

If you are interested in the Anesthesia course, we need to receive ½ the payment ($1,000 non-refundable unless we do not receive enough participants) by April 4th and the remainder ($1,000) by May 2nd. Please make checks payable to UMA and mail to:

Dental Health Programs
College Center
Torrie Tardiff
201 Texas Ave.
Bangor, ME 04401

You will receive 40 Category I CEU's for completing Anesthesia.

Once you have completed (and passed) the Anesthesia course you will take an exam in Augusta (we set this up for you...probably on a Friday in June). You also need to send in an application for this as well. The form/fees can be seen on this site: .