Expanded Function Dental Assisting

Early application is encouraged. Deadline for fall 2015 is April 17, 2015. Applications after this date will be considered on a space available basis. Classes are offered online, with lab being held on Fridays from 12pm-5pm during fall semester and every other Friday from 1pm-5pm during spring semester, 2016.


Students in the Dental Assisting Program have the potential to be exposed to infectious diseases in their pre-clinical and clinical courses. The Programs teach and utilize the Center for Disease Control Infection Control Guidelines. All students accepted into the Dental Health Programs, including the dental assisting program, are required to provide the Dental Health Programs with documentation of specific immunizations and titres above and beyond what the University requires.  These titers and immunizations include: Hepatitis B (vaccine series and titer), Tetanus (immunization within last 10 years), Tuberculin Skin Test (completed annually), Influenza Vaccine (completed annually) and Varicella (documentation of the disease, of the vaccine series, or a titer showing immunity are acceptable). 

Additionally, students must hold current certification of a healthcare provider level CPR granted by the American Red Cross or American Heart Association.  Failure to comply with any of the above will exclude the student from participating in preclinical and clinical courses.