Twenty Tales of Early Mainers introduced by Charles Waugh

Professor of Communications and Psychology Charles Waugh announces the forthcoming publication of an anthology, Pine Tree Pioneers: 20 Tales of Early Mainers. This historical selection of stories was written between 1826 and 1920 and is in turn set from dates between 1640 and 1919. Professor Waugh's volume is the result of 15 years of research and editing in collaboration with his wife, Kathy Sweet Waugh. The collection's table of contents:

1. The General Court and Jane Andrews' Firkin of Butter (Seba Smith)
2. The Red Brother and the White Brother (Professor Ingraham)
3. The Hereditary Barn (Noah Brooks)
4. The Amorous Adventures of Mister John Beedle (William L. McClintock)
5. In the Gray Goth (Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward)
6. The Downfall of Master Lurvey (C. A. Stephens)
7. Fred, and Maria, and Me (E. P. Prentiss)
8. Home (Lincoln Colcord)
9. On a Melon Schooner (Barnet Phillips)
10. Delia Grimwet (Arlo Bates)
11. The Red Wolf (Alan French)
12. The Love Letters of Smith (H. C. Bunner)
13. The White Heron (Sarah Orne Jewett)
14. The Fore-Room Rug (Kate Douglas Wiggin)
15. A Return to Constancy (Mary Ellen Chase)
16. Fog (Dana Burnet)
17. A Truth Party (Harriet A. Nash)
18. Old Tantrybogus (Ben Ames Williams)
19. The Triumph of Hiram Perkins (George A. Cleveland)
20. Two Beaus and Bomazeen (Holman Day)