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Classroom Schedules

Each link in the table below leads to a Google Calendar for a specific classroom. Follow the link to see when and for what activity a room is booked.

Art & Architecture 106Bangor Hall 100ITV Schedule
Art & Architecture 108Bangor Hall 101 
Fine Arts 112Bangor Hall 124 
Fine Arts 115Bangor Hall 139 
Fine Arts 121Bangor Hall ITV I 
Fine Arts 122Bangor Hall ITV II 
Fine Arts 124Bangor Hall ITV III 
Campus Center Photo StudioBangor Hall ITV IV 
Civic Center 252Belfast Hall 003c 
Civic Center 253Belfast Hall 003D 
Danforth GalleryBelfast Hall 105 
Jewett Hall 114Belfast Hall 209 
Jewett Hall 124Belfast Hall 307 
Jewett Hall 156Belfast Hall 323 
Jewett Hall 180Camden Hall 101 
Jewett Hall 185Camden Hall 105 
Jewett Hall 189Camden Hall 124 
Jewett Hall 190Camden Hall 304 
Jewett Hall 284Camden Hall 310 
Jewett Hall 289Eastport Hall 100 
Jewett Hall 291Eastport Hall 101 
Jewett Hall 293Eastport Hall 102 
Jewett Hall 294Eastport Hall 103 
Jewett Hall 295Eastport Hall 104 
Jewett Hall 297Eastport Hall 105 
Jewett Hall 299Eastport Hall 124 
Katz Library 5
Katz Library 7
Katz Library 40Eastport Hall 125 
Katz Library 53
Katz Library 210Eastport Hall 135 
Katz Library 212
Music Mod IEastport Hall 136 
Music Mod IIEastport Hall 137 
Eastport Hall 138 
Randall Student Center 127Eastport Hall 139 
Randall Student Center 208
Randall Student Center 224Lewiston Hall 110 
Randall Student Center 246Lewiston Hall 214 
Randall Student Center 248Lincoln Hall 113 
Randall Student Center 250Lincoln Hall 116 
Randall Student Center 253Lincoln Hall 121 
Randall Student Center 255Lincoln Hall 125 
 College Center 109 
UMA College Center 135 
Randall Student Center 218UMA College Center 136 
Klahr Center 111UMA College Center 142 
UMA College Center Clinic 
UMA College Center RAD