Vision 2.0 – UMA Community Engagement Process For Re-Grounding in the Vision & Strategic Plan

Vision 2.0 Implementation of the Strategic Plan


UMA embarked on a strategic planning process in the fall of 2014 to update its strategic plan for 2016-2020. The plan was subsequently revised in 2017. Our plan includes refocused and bold mission and vision statements, a set of key UMA values, seven measurable goals and a set of actions for achieving these goals. The strategic plan, Transforming Lives: Student Success and Academic Achievement, extends our commitment to our statewide mission; it extends our commitment to on-site and distance education; and it extends our commitment to telling our story of how we transform students’ lives of all ages and backgrounds throughout Maine and beyond.

Strategic Planning Process

The process for developing our 2016-2020 strategic plan began in the fall semester of 2014 with the formation of a strategy team made up of faculty and administration. This team hosted a series of discussion forums in Augusta, Bangor and the University College Centers where the entire community was invited to participate. The first discussion forum focused on UMA’s mission, vision and goals while a follow-up workshop developed a comprehensive list of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and then identified key strategies and supporting actions that could leverage strengths and opportunities as well as address threats and weaknesses. As a result of these discussions, the strategy team developed seven measurable long-term goals and three key strategies to achieve them.

In the Fall of 2017, President Wyke invited all members of the UMA community to participate in a process of re-grounding in the strategic plan in order to better define our collective vision for the future and align our limited resources behind those strategies that will help us to be most successful in fulfilling the vision. Three sets of open forums were held on the Augusta and Bangor campuses and a series of roundtable discussions took place in Augusta, Bangor and the former University College Centers; the recognized governance sectors of the UMA community were invited to submit formal feedback and recommendations; and three campus-wide surveys were conducted. This document sets forth a new Vision Statement for UMA, as well as a revised Strategic Plan.

UMA 2016-2020 Revised Strategic Plan:
Transforming Lives: Student Success and Academic Achievement

UMA 2016 – 2020 Strategic Plan (revised February, 2019)

Please find the regrounding work done in the Vision 2.0 Fall 2017 Archive.

Please find the implementation work done in the Vision 2.0 Spring 2018 Archive.

PDF copies of our past Strategic Plans are available upon request.