There are two ways to put funds (Moose Buck$) onto the UMA CARD.  One way is through the Cash Value Center (CVC) machine. In Augusta, the CVC is located in the Randall Student Center, outside the Bookstore, next to the ATM machine In Bangor, the CVC is located in the Nottage Library, Belfast Hall.

REMINDER: do not purchase a guest card (cost $5) Make sure you read the instructions on the CVC machine to avoid accidentally purchasing a guest card, which is notrefundable.

The second method is to use MyCard. Deposited funds, known as Moose Buck$, are prepaid and linked to the UMA CARD Account balances decline as funds are spent. Funds are stored for University expenses and are not available for withdrawal unless affiliation with the University has been terminated. (Please allow at least five minutes for the system to add funds to the card.) You can track all your stored-value balances and expenditures using MyCard.

Moose Buck$ can be used only to purchase on-campus printing and food items at the Moose Tracks Cafe at the Augusta Campus. Moose Buck$ cannot be used to purchase books


In the event a student or staff member separates from the University, they can request a refund of the Moose Buck$ on the card account by filling out a Refund Request form This form can be obtained from UMA ID Card Services Office on the Augusta Campus or from Advising Services on the Bangor Campus.

Please see Terms and Conditions.

For More Information

Contact the ID Card Services Office on the Augusta Campus (Randall Student Center-Information Desk) at 621-3529 or 1-877-862-1234, ext. 3529, or Advising Services on the Bangor Campus (Lewiston Hall) at 262-7800.