USE: The cardholder may possess only one UMA CARD at a time, is solely for his/her use, is not transferable, and is the property of the University of Maine Augusta. The UMA CARD is for the purposes of identification and transaction of University business.

CARE: The cardholder is responsible for the proper care of the UMA CARD and understands he/she will be liable for the cost of a replacement if the card is damaged, defaced, lost, or stolen.

PRIVACY: Images captured for the UMA CARD will only be used for University purposes in accordance with federal mandates and University policies.

REPLACEMENT: Your UMA CARD expires seven years after the date of issuance.  A non-refundable fee of $15 is charged for all replacement cards, unless defective, required by a change in name or status, or a student continues their academic affiliation after the seven year expiration date of the card. To be eligible for a replacement card, students have to be registered for the current semester. For those students who have initially obtained a non-photo ID card and wish to “upgrade” to a photo ID, a $5 fee will be charged.

REFUNDS: In the event a student or staff member separates from the University, they can request a refund of the Moose Buck$ on the card account by filling out a Refund Request form. This form can be obtained from UMA’s ID Card Services Office (on the Augusta Campus) or from Advising Services (on the Bangor Campus.)

LOST/STOLEN CARD NOTIFICATION: The cardholder is responsible for immediately reporting the loss of her/his UMA CARD. Please call 621-3529 or 1-877-862-1234, ext. 3529, to report a lost card.