Early Childhood Teacher Certificate
(Birth to Age 5)

[Students must submit the Intent to Declare Form to add this plan to their program of study.]

The following requirements are effective for students admitted on or after Fall 2017:

UMA Certificate Requirements

  • Minimum 50% of the required courses taken through UMA
  • Minimum 2.00 G.P.A. in the Certificate

Certificate Requirements (37 credit hours)

  • EDU 100 Introduction to Teacher Education at UMA (1) prerequisite for upper-level methods and admittance to candidacy
  • EDU 250 Foundations of Education (3) prerequisite for upper-level methods and admittance to candidacy
  • EDU 251 The Teaching Process (3) prerequisite for upper-level methods and admittance to candidacy
  • Application to candidacy
  • EDU/HUS 160 Perspectives on Infants, Toddlers and Young Children (3)
  • EDU 261 Early Childhood Curriculum: Early Learning Environments (3)
  • EDU 327 Mathematics for the Young Child (3)
  • EDU 329 Science and the Project Approach for the Young Child (3)
  • EDU/HUS 352 Interventions for Families with Children (3)
  • EDU 362 Language and Literacy in Early Childhood (3)
  • EDU 363 Young Children with Special Needs (3)
  • EDU/ENG 366 Children’s and Young Adult Literature (3)
  • PSY 302 Psychology of Childhood (3)
  • Complete one of the following courses (3):
    • EDU/HUS 325 Social Studies and the Project Approach
    • EDU/HUS 328 Creative Development and Art for Young Children

Additional Requirements:

For full Maine state certification, students must also complete the following:

  • A Baccalaureate Degree from a Regionally Accredited Institution (Student teaching is not required for Early Childhood teachers.
  • Complete any English course (3)
  • Complete any Mathematics course (3)
  • Complete any Science course (3)
  • Complete any Social Studies course (anthropology, geography, history or political science) (3)

  • Licensure assessment needed for certification: Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators, Praxis II
  • Criminal History Record Check – completed through MDOE certification office – (must be completed before upper level methods)


This program resides under the College of Arts & Sciences

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