Bachelor of Art in English

The following requirements are effective for students admitted on or after Fall 2017:

  • Minimum 120 Credit Hours
  • Writing Intensive Course
  • Minimum Cumulative G.P.A.: 2.00
  • 30 Credit Hours of Residency Courses
  • 9 Credits of Upper-Level Major Residency Courses
  • Minimum G.P.A. in the Major: 2.00
  • ENG 202W Survey of British Literature I: Beowulf to the Romantics (3)
  • ENG 203W Survey of British Literature II: Romantics to the 21st Century (3)
  • ENG 250W American Literature to 1900 (3)
  • ENG 251W American Literature 1900-Present (3)
  • ENG 300W Introduction to Literary Criticism and Theory (3)
  • ENG 301W History of the English Language (3)
  • Complete one of the following Cultural Diversity electives (3):
    • ENG 305W Irish-American Literature
    • ENG 331W African American Literature
    • ENG 335W Native American Literature
    • ENG 340 Francophone Literature
    • ENG 350W Women Writers
    • ENG 375W Contemporary Latin American Literature
    • ENG 458 Race and Ethnicity in American Culture
    • ENG 470W Literature of the Holocaust
    • ENG 475W Postcolonial Fiction
  • Complete one of the following Writing electives (3):
    • ENG 310W Creative Nonfiction
    • ENG 317W Professional Writing
    • ENG 325W American Stories: Reading and Writing Memoir
    • ENG 351W Creative Writing I
    • ENG 452W Creative Writing II
  • ENG 499W Senior Seminar (3)

Select one of the following pathways:

No Concentration

  • Complete three 300-level or higher ENG courses (9)
  • Complete four 100-level or higher ENG courses (12)

Cultural Studies Concentration

  • Complete two of the following introductory courses (6):
    • AME 201W Introduction to American Studies
    • INT 208 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies
    • WGS 101W Introduction to Women’s Studies
  • Complete any two 300-level or higher AME, INT, or WGS courses (6)
  • Complete any two of the following (6):
    • DRA 3xx any 300-level Drama course
    • ENG 3xx/4xx any 300-level or higher English course
    • HGH 3xx any 300-level Holocaust, Genocide and Human Rights Studies course
    • HTY 3xx/4xx any 300-level or higher History course
    • HUM 3xx any 300-level Humanities course
    • PHI 3xx any 300-level Philosophy course
    • SOC 306 The Sociology of Culture
  • AME/ENG 418 Cultural Criticism and Theory: The Arts of Social Change (3)

Writing Concentration

  • Complete seven from the following (21):
    • ENG 111w Journalism
    • ENG 310W Creative Nonfiction
    • ENG 315 Mentoring Writers: Practice and Pedagogy
    • ENG 313 Digital Writing and Rhetoric
    • ENG 317W Professional Writing
    • ENG 320 Grant Writing in a Global Economy
    • ENG 325W American Stories: Reading and Writing Memoir
    • ENG/ART/INT 330 Wham! Bang! Pow! Graphic Storytelling from Form and Practice
    • ENG 351W Creating Writing I
    • ENG 417W Document Design and Presentation
    • ENG 452W Creative Writing II
  • Complete any 100-level Communications course (3)
  • ENG 101 College Writing (3)
  • ENG 102W Introduction to Literature (3)
  • Complete two of the following Fine Arts electives, one must be studio/performance based (6):
    • ART 1xx any 100-level Art course
    • DRA xxx any Drama course
    • ENG 351 Creative Writing I
    • ENG 452 Creative Writing II
    • MUH 1xx any 100-level Music History course
    • MUS 1xx any 100-level Music course
  • Complete a two-semester sequence of the same Foreign or American Sign language (8)
  • Complete one of the following History sequences (6):
    • HTY 103 U.S. History I and HTY 104 U.S. History II
    • HTY 105 World Civilizations I, Prehistory to 1500 and HTY 106 World Civilizations II, 1500 to Present
  • MAT 100 Mathematics and Its Application or higher 100-level math course (3)
  • Complete any 100-level laboratory science course (4)
  • Complete any descriptive or laboratory science course must be a different discipline from the laboratory elective above (3-4)
  • Complete one of the following Computer Information Systems electives (3):
    • CIS 100 Introduction to Computer Applications
    • CIS 101 Introduction to Computer Science
  • Complete three of the following Social Science Electives, must be from two different disciplines (9):
    • ANT 1xx any 100-level Anthropology course
    • ECO 1xx any 100-level Economics course
    • ECO 201 Macroeconomics
    • ECO 202 Microeconomics
    • JUS 1xx any 100-level Justice Studies course
    • POS 1xx any 100-level Political Science course
    • PSY 1xx any 100-level Psychology course
    • SOC 1xx any 100-level Sociology course
    • SSC 1xx any 100-level Social Science course
  • Complete 5-6 credits of any 100-level or higher electives (5-6)
  • Complete 6 credits of any upper-level (300-400 level) electives outside of the English major (6)
  • Complete 12 credits of any upper-level (300-400 level) electives (12)

100-Level Courses:

At the introductory level, the department offers several writing-intensive 100-level courses that focus on skills in writing and argumentation as well as interpretation. These courses are designed primarily for first-year students. ENG 102W is required for admission to most upper-level English courses.

200-Level Courses:

200-level courses are designed primarily for English major sophomores and juniors and senior non-majors. It is recommended that English majors enroll in the required British and American survey sequences (202, 203, 204, 250 and 251) early in their programs.

300-Level Courses:

The majority of English Department courses are at the 300-level. Students should take ENG 300W Introduction to Literary Criticism and Theory after taking the 200-level surveys. 300-level courses provide students with an opportunity to hone reading, critical thinking and writing skills. 300-level courses are open to sophomores, juniors and seniors.

400-Level Courses:

400-level courses are intensive, discussion-oriented classes that place a premium on independent, student-initiated work. Students in these courses will become active members of the critical scholarly community; as such, research will be a required component of all 400-level literature courses. 400-level courses outside of the senior seminar are open to students who have completed at least one 300-level course and ENG 300W. It is recommended that majors enroll in ENG 499, the senior seminar, during their last 30 credits at UMA.

This program resides under the College of Arts & Sciences

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