English Minor

The following requirements are effective for students admitted on or after Fall 2017:


To assure success, students should fulfill the prerequisite courses before the requirements.

  • ENG 101 College Writing
  • ENG 102W Introduction to Literature

Minor Requirements (18 credit hours)

  • Complete one of the following British Literature Survey courses (3):
    • ENG 202W Survey of British Literature I: Beowulf to the Romantics
    • ENG 203W Survey of British Literature II: Romantics to the 21st Century
  • Complete one of the following American Literature Survey courses (3):
    • ENG 250W American Literature to 1900
    • ENG 251W American Literature 1900-Present
  • ENG 300W Introduction to Literature Criticism and Theory (3)
  • Complete one of the following Cultural Diversity electives (3):
    • ENG 305W Irish-American Literature
    • ENG 331W African American Literature
    • ENG 335W Native American Literature
    • ENG 340 Francophone Literature
    • ENG 350W Women Writers
    • ENG 375W Contemporary Latin American Literature
    • ENG 458 Race and Ethnicity in American Culture
    • ENG 470W Literature of the Holocaust
    • ENG 475W Postcolonial Fiction
    • ENG 3xx or 4xx any 300-400 level European Literature course
  • Complete two upper-level (300-400) level English electives (6)


Advising Notes

  • A minimum of 25% of the credits required for a minor needs to be earned at UMA for it to be awarded.
  • A student may be awarded any minor as long as no more than six credits of the minor can be used to fulfill the requirements of the student’s major or concentration.

This program resides under the College of Arts & Sciences

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