Holocaust, Genocide & Human Rights Studies Minor

The following requirements are effective for students admitted on or after Fall 2019:

Minor Requirements (18 credit hours)

  • HGH 301 The Holocaust – from Prejudice to Genocide (3)
  • HGH 367 Genocide in Our Time (3)
  • HON 330 Service Learning Project/Internship in HGHRS (3)
  • Complete three electives from the following lists, from two different disciplines (9):
    • Arts & Humanities:
      • ENG 331W African-American Literature
      • ENG 375W Contemporary Latin-American Literature
      • ENG 470 Literature of the Holocaust
      • HTY 341 History of American Slavery
      • HUM 122 Native American Cultures
      • HUM/WGS 310 Intro to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Studies
      • HUM 350W Franco-Americans-Cultural Identity in Context
      • PHI 351 Biomedical Ethics
      • WGS 101W Introduction to Women’s Studies
    • Social Sciences:
      • HUS/JUS/SSC 364 Human Rights Violation: Torture and Trauma
      • PSY 342 Psychology of Genocide Survival
      • PSY 415 Cross-Cultural Psychology
      • SSC 450 Conflict Resolution
      • SOC 201 Social Problems
      • SOC 340 Sociology of Minorities

Advising Notes

  • Other courses with a focus in the Holocaust, genocide, or human rights will be considered as electives. Approval of the advisor and the relevant dean is required.
  • A minimum of 25% of the credits required for a minor needs to be earned at UMA for it to be awarded.
  • A student may be awarded any minor as long as no more than six credits of the minor can be used to fulfill the requirements of the student’s major or concentration.
  • Students are encouraged to contact their faculty advisor and the Advising Center for academic advising and support services throughout their stay at UMA.

This program resides under the College of Arts & Sciences.  Print a PDF copy.

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