Elementary Education Minor
(K – Grade 8)

[Students must submit the Intent to Declare Form to add this plan to their program of study.]

The following requirements are effective for students admitted on or after Fall 2017:

Minor Requirements (44 credit hours)

(See program completion guides for sequencing of courses.)

  • EDU 100 Introduction to Teacher Education at UMA (1) prerequisite for upper-level methods and admittance to candidacy
  • EDU 250 Foundations of Education (3) prerequisite for upper-level methods and admittance to candidacy
  • EDU 251 The Teaching Process (3) prerequisite for upper-level methods and admittance to candidacy
  • Application to candidacy
  • EDU 341 Teaching Writing in Grades K-8 (3)
  • EDU 351 Teaching Reading in the Elementary School (3)
  • EDU 387 Teaching the Exceptional Child in the Regular Classroom (3)
  • EDU 361 Teaching Science in Elementary School (3)
  • EDU 371 Teaching Social Studies in Elementary School (3)
  • EDU 381 Teaching Mathematics in Elementary School (3)
  • EDU/ENG 366 Children’s and Young Adult Literature (3)
  • EDU 395 Field Experience (4) Prerequisites: In addition to EDU 250 & 251, passing scores on the Praxis Core
  • EDU 495 Student Teaching (via UMPI) (12)

Additional Requirements

General education courses needed for certification:

  • Complete any two English courses (6)
  • Complete any two Mathematics courses (6) MAT 130 & 131 recommended
  • Complete any two Science courses (6)
  • Complete any two Social Studies courses (anthropology, geography, history or political science) (6)

  • Licensure assessment needed for certification: Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators, Praxis II, Principles of Learning and Teaching
  • Criminal History Record Check – completed through MDOE certification office – (must be completed before upper level methods)


Advising Notes

  • A minimum of 25% of the credits required for a minor needs to be earned at UMA for it to be awarded.
  • A student may be awarded any minor as long as no more than six credits of the minor can be used to fulfill the requirements of the student’s major or concentration.

This program resides under the College of Arts & Sciences

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