Moose Guide is a new free mobile app that will help you thrive at UMA.

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Guide can help at all levels, whether you’re just getting started or are nearing graduation. Think of it like a personal advisor in your pocket!

Get reminders about important deadlines and create your own to-dos.

 Reach out to advisors, discover supportive resources, and find your way around campus – in seconds.

 Sync your class schedule with your phone calendar.

Explore majors, discover careers, and plan for your future.

Receive alerts about holds and find out how to resolve them.

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Our app is available on any mobile device! Search Guide-College Simplified in app stores to get it now.

Note: You will log in to the app using your university ID and password.

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Don’t have a smartphone? No problem! You can access the Moose Guide in your web browser, too.