The Honors program includes opportunities for courses that develop students’ skills as scholars, writers, thinkers, activists, and members of a community. There are several courses in development, including a one-credit course offered each spring, HON/INT 188: The Interdisciplinary Colloquium.

While there are several independent or directed study courses in the Honors Program, most of students’ Honors coursework is taken as what we call an “H Add-on.”

What is an H add-on?

An H Add-on is not more work, it is enhanced work.

H Add-ons are supplements/complements added to any course that students are taking as a part of their general education or major program requirements.

H Add-on Examples

For instance, working with their instructor or adviser, a student will develop a project that extends the work they are doing in one of the courses required for their major. A student might:

  • Add scholarly resources to a course paper or final;
  • Develop or extend a research assignment;
  • Conduct a survey or experiment and analyze the data;
  • Write a reflection paper that ties together the course work with other courses the student is taking or has taken;
  • Engage in a social action/civic engagement project;
  • Do a creative interpretation of an aspect of the class material;
  • Organize an event for other students, tutor or mentor other students in the course in a study group, or teach one of the course lessons;
  • Put course ideas into action through a student-designed project.

Or, a student develops a project that augments, extends, or complements a general education course. A student might:

  • Write a critical analysis/reflection paper that considers the general education material through the lens of the student’s major;
  • Apply general education material to a project for a course in the student’s major;
  • Design a project that allows a student to explore academic interests outside of their major program.

H Add-ons should give students an opportunity for mentoring, connection, extension, integration, exploration, and an enhanced individual or collective educational experience.

H Add-on Development

It is the student’s responsibility to develop and propose an idea for the additional Honors level work for the H add-on for the course. The proposed work should enhance the student’s overall educational experience as well as her or his work in the course.Professors act as mentors in the H Add-on process.

H Add-ons are at the discretion of the instructor of the course and should be discussed prior to the beginning of the term or within the first few classes. The Honors Program Director can also help students to develop H Add-on ideas.

For more information, please contact the UMA Honors Program office for details (207.621.3295) or email

H Add-on proposal forms may be accessed by students via the Honors Program Blackboard Page.