We want to understand who YOU are, what YOU think about, and what YOU make. Your Design Document submission shows us your capacity for spatial thinking, your commitment to craftsmanship, and your visual intelligence. Design Documents must be submitted for your application to be considered.  This requirement can be met one of two ways:  the Artistic Review Challenge submission or a Portfolio submission. It is perhaps the most important part of your application to architecture school.  Please submit one of the following:

A Portfolio

A portfolio of creative work may be submitted for admission to UMA’s Architecture Program.  This is a personal statement about you, your visual training, interests, values and aspirations. It is to your advantage to take the time to present yourself well.


The Artistic Review Challenge (ARC)

The ARC is series of questions requiring visual response.  As an applicant to UMA’s BArch, we want to understand who you are and how you see your world.  Your inventive answers to the ARC design questions will help us to better know you and your potential.  Please understand, there are no “right” answers – we truly want to “see” you and your creativity expressed in your submission.  Please enjoy and have fun!

Download Design Document Guidelines & Instructions here