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Degree Offered: Bachelor of Architecture
Augusta Campus


UMA’s Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) program offers the only professional architecture degree in Maine and the only public 5-year professional degree north of New York City.



Our students graduate with a degree accredited by National Architecture Accrediting Board (NAAB). Obtaining an accredited degree is a key component to prepare for the professional practice of architecture. Most states require aspiring architects to hold an accredited degree.



Program Character

We believe there are three meaningfully unique parts that make up our character and pedagogy: Community, Collaborative Course Work, and Essential Design Elements.  These form the core of UMA’s BArch degree, and align us with 21st century architectural practice while maintaining true to what we believe are core architectural fundamentals.



Community Engagement

Having completed 21 community-based projects in the last 4-1/2 years, our goal is to educate and empower students to engage their communities, investigate and analyze the built environment, and propose creative design solutions based in the core value of designing with intention for the betterment of human habitation.

Digital photography of the Architecture program at the University of Maine at Augusta.


Niche and Highly Specialized

Our unique set of core teachings make UMA/ARC the ideal location to begin or complete your architectural education.

We offer an affordable, design-based and socially-conscious path toward architectural licensure.

UMA/ARC’s program is located in Augusta, Maine on the Kennebec River. Formerly the Gannett Building, the newly-renovated Handley Hall features dedicated studio space, critique space, and our own street-level, architecturally-­focused gallery.

A Unique Approach

As a student of Architecture, you’ll learn to analyze the needs of others, translate creative ideas into physical designs, and develop the interpersonal tools to articulate solutions.

UMA’s program is based on the behavioral and conceptual approaches to design, which is often overlooked in other professional or pre-professional curricula.

Our approach perceives an architecturally-designed space as an environmental setting in which the space itself supports and encourages the highest and best satisfaction of the activity for which the space was originally designed. A classroom, for example, can help a student learn and a teacher teach simply by the way it is designed—acoustics, color, textures, and all the other elements.

BArch Program Eric Stark, Architecture Program Coordinator,
UMA Advising Tricia Dyer, Assist. Director of Academic Advising,
Admissions Gail Pelletier, Admissions Counselor,

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