The ILS program faculty have approved the following policies (9.29.12) *updated for clarification 9.30.13

Internet Access for Students

Access to the internet is required in ALL Information Library Service classes; high-speed internet access is STRONGLY recommended. Students are expected to have daily access to the internet and email, in order to access class, receive updates, additions and obtain other course-related information.  All students at UMA are required to obtain an email account and to check it regularly for official university communications. Help on email accounts can be found at

Student Employability and Volunteering:

Formal or informal experience (volunteering) in a library information agency is extremely important in the ILS field. All students who have not worked in a library should consider volunteering not only to reinforce their classroom learning, but to network, and to gain practical experience in the field, or specialty area they plan to work in. This will especially help students in preparing for their senior capstone requirement of 60/AS or 120 BS hours on site in a library. The ILS Program shares information from local organizations looking for ILS volunteers or willing  to be hosts for Senior Capstone ILS 299/499 opportunities.

ILS Program Course Grade Requirements:

As noted on the ILS program checksheets, ILS students must achieve a 2.0 overall GPA for ALL ILS program requirements and each ILS class must be passed with C (2.0) or higher. This means that an ILS student earning a grade of C- or lower for an ILS class must re-take that course to earn ILS program credit.

Assessment of Prior Learning (portfolio for credit)

Students can earn credit for some of our introductory classes (100-level)through a portfolio process. The portfolio information is available online at: To pursue this, you would need to contact advising at 207 621-3149  or 1-888-UMA-1234 and ask for extension 3149. It is also important to talk with Jodi Williams, ILS Program Coordinator. Knowing the employment history of a student can assist in determining what classes might be the best for demonstrating proficiency through the portfolio process. Typically this process is only recommended for students who have worked in libraries for 5+ years full time.

Special needs:

APA Citation Format:

Incomplete Policy:

To request an incomplete, please fill out the following Request for Incomplete FORM
Students must be logged into their UMA gmail account to access this form.

ILS Program Incomplete Policy: A student may initiate a request for an incomplete grade in the event that extenuating circumstances (documentation may be required) prevents completion of the course. Assignment of the incomplete grade is at the discretion of the instructor. The following criteria must be met before an incomplete grade will be assigned, exceptions may be made through the sole discretion of the faculty member:

  • The student has attended a majority of course meetings and completed a majority of the coursework requirements (approximately 75%).
  • The student must be passing the course at the time of the incomplete request.
  • All remaining work must be completed by a date mutually agreed upon by the student and the instructor (the due date may only be revised by explicit permission of the instructor).
  • The request for incomplete must be submitted via this form and approved by the instructor and the student, and a copy submitted to the ILS Office. (electronic signatures/submission acceptable).
  • The student shall not re-register for the course while completing the remaining work.
  • Any changes to this agreement (e.g. extension of due date) must be submitted on a subsequent form.
  • If the remaining work is not completed at the conclusion of the next term, the “I” reverts to the grade of “F.” In rare exceptions and at the sole discretion of the faculty member, a grade to date may be submitted in lieu of the “F.”


ILS Course Grade Requirement

As noted on the ILS program checksheets, ILS students must pass all ILS courses with a C (2.0) or higher. This means that an ILS student earning a grade of C- or lower must re-take that course to earn ILS program credit.

ILS Program Consistent Grading Scale

All UMA ILS courses use the following point scale for calculating final letter grades: effective Spring 2013.

Letter Grade

Grade Point Averages

Grading Scale

A 4.00 93-100
A- 3.67 90-92.99
B+ 3.33 87-89.99
B 3.00 83-86.99
B- 2.67 80-82.99
C+ 2.33 77-79.99
C 2.00 73-76.99
C- 1.67 70-72.99
D+ 1.33 67-69.99
D 1.00 63-66.99
D- 0.67 60-62.99
F 0.00 0-59.99
L 0.00
WF 0.00

Any questions about any ILS department policies should be addressed to Dr. JWilliams at