What do I do to Get Started?

Students may begin taking ILS courses before applying to the university. In fact, if a student has never taken an online course, it is advisable to take a couple of courses before applying to make sure that the student is/can be successful in an online environment. As soon as possible, however, the formal application process should be completed in order for the student to be recognized by the university.

The Admission Process

Steps for applying for admission or transferring to UMA’s BS in ILS program.

  1. We need you to fill out an application
    • AS & BS Application
    • Request transcripts of all your prior course work to be sent to UMA for evaluation upon acceptance, we can not accept FAXed copies, we must receive originals via mail.Send it to:
  2. Application Processing
  3. University of Maine System
  4. PO Box 412
  5. Bangor, ME 04402-0412
    • if you have fewer than 60 credits we will also need a High School transcript.
    • if you are an international student or have transcripts from a school outside the United States, you will need to have your transcripts evaluated by WES. World Education Service and then sent to UMA.
    • include the 40$ application fee (You can also call to pay, 1-800-958-9936 and ask for the information center, or email admissions regarding payment.)
  6. If you will need financial aid, please fill out the Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) please make sure the number you include for the institution is for the University of Maine at Augusta #006760.
    • Financial Aid can be reached by calling 1-877-UMA-1234 and requesting that office, or you can also check out the Financial Aid portion of our Website.
  7. Also, we recommend connecting with our admissions staff by calling them if you have any questions. They will be very helpful through this process for you. Please call: 1-877-UMA-1234 and ask for admissions.
  8. UMA will be in contact with you once we have your application, Likely you will also receive information on how to activate your email and log into MaineStreet, our student information system. That will allow you to check your progress through the admissions process, change address information, and sign up for classes once you are admitted.

After You Have Been Admitted

After you have been admitted to UMA, you should expect the following information. If you have not received any of the following within 2-4 weeks after being admitted please contact Jodi Williams.

  1. You will receive information from UMA about:
    • your prior coursework and how it fits within the requirements of your program at UMA,
    • check sheet with the program requirements
    • advisor information and contact details,
    • email activation information (if you haven’t already received this).
  2. Once you have that information, your next step is to register for courses.
    • check out the courseguide to see what classes you want to take
    • you might also contact your advisor (check MaineStreet for that information and see below)
  3. Once you have registered for courses within a particular semester you need to:
    • Contact the bookstore regarding textbooks and other course materials
    • Make sure your email is activated and working
    • Log into BlackBoard (your course system) using your email username and password to verify course access. (This should be checked the week before the beginning of the semester of enrollment.)

Academic Advisors:

Jodi Williams, Ph.D.1-877-UMA-1234 EXT 3341 or lnitcoord@maine.edu.


ILS students may be required to undergo placement testing in order to determine placement in general education requirements. Students will work with UMA to secure a testing site local to where they live and should contact Eric Allain, (207) 621-3392 or eric.allain@maine.edu

Immunization Records:

In-state students born 1956 forward must provide an immunization record. In-state students born prior to 1956 do not have to provide an immunization record. Out-of-state students do not have to provide an immunization record. If you have been asked to provide this information, please contact Admissions: 1-877-UMA-1234 extension 3037.

Transcript Evaluations:

Official transcript evaluations and check sheets will be prepared once we have all your information and you are admitted. For a file to be completed the following will have been received:

  1. Application
  2. Official transcripts for all previously attended colleges and universities.
  3. $40.00 application fee

CLEP and DANTES Exams:

UMA recognizes certain (but not all) exams offered through CLEP and DANTES. To learn which of the exams can be substituted for course credit and for the testing process, contact Advising 1-800-958-9936 extension 3149.

Life/work experience opportunities:

In the ILS degree program, you can get course credits by completing a portfolio, documenting skills and knowledge associated with the following 100-level courses. ILS 100, 109, 150, 175. For course titles and descriptions go to our Course Descriptions Page. For further information, contact Jodi Williams at lnitcoord@maine.edu.