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Graduation 2018!

ILS Commencement Selfie 2017Graduation at UMA is an exciting time, especially for the ILS students, this year we had students join us in celebrating from Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and of course from all over Maine!

This year we made the front page of the Kennebec Journal as we gathered for a selfie, an ILS tradition! Many of our students travel to campus for our Annual Friday Evening Celebrations, a party especially for Information and Library Service students.

Our ILS Family and Friends travel from all over the United States to attend this annual event held in the library in honor of our ILS students.We have had students from Africa, Canada, California, Washington, Virginia, Florida and right here in Maine come in for this special event. Some have taken their family vacations at a house on the beach, hiked Mount Katahdin and explored the rough, enchanting Maine coast!

UMA ILS Alum, Marie Byers’ review

of “The Wanderers” by Meg Howrey was recently featured on Library Reads! “A private space exploration company is mounting a manned mission to Mars. To prepare for the actual event, the company plans an elaborate training program to match the conditions and potential problems the team might face…” Check it out!

UMA ILS Student Starts “Little Library” and has an interesting find!

UMA ILS Student Starts “Little Library” and has an interesting findDOVER – Resident Ellen Rogers devised a way to spread her love for reading by creating a free library at her Court Street home. “Standing atop a wooden pole on the front lawn of Roger’s 88 Court St. residence is a replicated red school house with two glass doors. Nestled inside the miniature school house with the word “Library” written on top are dozens of books, all of which Rogers encourages neighbors to borrow free of charge…” READ MORE … Additionally, here is what Ellen found in her “little library” which led to the following article recently published in the University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries Magazine. Check out page 22 of the UW-Madison Libraries Magazine.

UMA ILS Student Dawn Treude is the current featured blogger for PROQUEST’S “Share This!”

“This month the Scottsdale Public Library is offering our young patrons Scream STEAM, science with a Halloween twist. With activities like Frankenstein’s Hand, Balloon Banshees and Troll Boogers (don’t worry, it’s liquid glue and starch), we took a departure from typical coding or robotics programs and let simple household items shine as the stars in simple, yet satisfying activities. The results sent happy shivers down my spine.”  [READ MORE]
By Dawn Treude, Library Assistant, Scottsdale Public Library

Norwin Public Library‘s children librarian, Barbara Flynn, talks about cereal! Find out why!

ILS Grad Barbara FlynnUMA’s ILS grad, Barbara Flynn talks all things children’s librarian in this recent “Bridget and Books” feature!



ILS 412: Digital Preservation for Cultural Institution

 Summer 2018!

The ILS Program is pleased to announce the offering of a new course for Summer 2017.
Course description: Digital preservation is a function of all services in information agencies, libraries, museums and archival repositories. Many institutions are affected in areas of access, preservation, outreach, scholarly research and accessibility. Through weekly readings, discussions, case studies, and assigned projects, students will learn about preserving text, images, data, sound, and other tangible forms of information using digital technologies for preservation and access. Issues in copyright and access, long-term storage, cloud computing, and migration will also be addressed.
Pre-requisites: ENG 101, CIS 100, ILS 250, ILS 325 (3cr)

Graduation 2016!

Graduation at UMA is an exciting time, especially for the ILS students.

UMA GraduatesIn 2016 we were featured in a Kennebec Journal Article as we gathered for a selfie, an ILS tradition! Many of our students travel to campus for our Annual Friday Evening Celebrations, a party especially for Information and Library Service students.

Our ILS Family and Friends traveled from all over the United States

ILS SelfieTo attend this annual event held in the library in honor of our ILS students.We have had students from Africa, Canada, California, Washington, Virginia, Florida and right here in Maine come in for this special event. Some have taken their family vacations at a house on the beach, hiked Mount Katahdin and explored the rough, enchanting Maine coast!

UMA Climbs to 30th in the Nation of Online Programs

Best Online Programs Bachelors 2017For the fourth year in a row, U.S. News & World Reports has selected the University of Maine at Augusta in its national ranking of universities offering top online bachelor’s degree programs.

After ranking in U.S. News & World Report top picks for the past three years UMA has made a steady climb from 103rd in 2013, to 61st in 2014, 40th in 2015, and now 30th in the newly released 2016 list of universities with the Best Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs in the nation. (Full Story)

UNT/MCL MLIS program started in 2016 with UMA ILS Graduates next cohort 2018

UNT Logo(January 2016)
The University of North Texas’ Department of Library and Information Sciences and the Manchester City Library are currently collaborating to deliver UNT’s Masters of Library and Information Sciences program in New England. A small cohort of students from Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont began their studies together at MCL in January 2016 and will graduate in December 2017. The program will blend two on-site Institutes at MCL, with the remainder of the program delivered online from UNT.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to partner with an established MLIS program to provide a non-traditional approach to prepare our future library professionals,” Denise VanZanten, director of the Manchester City Library said. The Department of Library & Information Sciences has a long history of providing its ALA-accredited Master’s program in various states across the country. “I am delighted to have the opportunity to work with MCL and LIS professionals in these three states,” said Dr. Phil Turner, director of the UNT/MCL program. “We have been offering cohort-based collaborative programs like this for fifteen years and they create a vibrant learning community.”

For more information, visit https://lis.unt.edu/vt-nh-me-cohort

Offered Fall 2016 NEW COURSE!!

Global LibrariansThis Fall Dr. Tamara Blesh will be offering the second iteration a new course with international librarianship as its focus. This course can be used for an ILS 300-400 level elective in the ILS program. As Dr. Blesh is an international traveler and head of a non-profit organization to assist in the development of libraries in remote countries around the world, this is an exciting new class we hope you will consider being a part of and taking on the journey to study and learn about librarians around the globe. Check out the following video: https://www.youtube.com/embed/tFzlvusVDMk

ILS 450 Global Librarianship

This course will prepare students about the importance of a global approach to library services whether locally or in the larger international community. Global library educational programs, volunteerism and other opportunities will be explored in depth. Additionally, the course will study various organizations, foundations and initiatives supporting access to information resources in developing countries and those populations considered a part of the ‘Digital Divide.’ The student will be expected to prepare a well-researched and documented case study of library services, practices and issues from a selected country as a culmination to the course. Prerequisite: ENG 101, all 100 & 200 level ILS classes or permission of the instructor, Tamara Blesh, tblesh@maine.edu

UMA completes ALA-APA Certification! Check it out!

ALA-APA recognizes University of Maine at Augusta graduates (June 2014)

Library Support Staff Certification Program Logo

CHICAGO The American Library Association-Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA) announced today that it has completed an agreement with the University of Maine at Augusta (UMA) that will allow its graduates who meet the established criteria from their Library and Information Services Program to receive the Certified Library Support Staff (CLSS) designation.

ALA-APA and UMA believe that the graduates’ degrees or certificates, coupled with the LSSC will benefit graduates, the library in which they work and library users. Lorelle Swader, director of ALA-APA, said, “We are honored to recognize UMA as part of the LSSC national certification program, which is quickly becoming a standard for the profession. It shows employers of these graduates that they have made a commitment to furthering their own continuing professional development and future.” …

For more information students should see the ALA-APA Library Support Staff Certification Information or contact Ian Lashbrook,Program Officer – Certification,American Library Association-Allied Professional Association, 312-280-2424, ilashbrook@ala.org for more information.

Students from Virginia to Micronesia part of growing group taking online courses from UMS (February ’14)

Now you just GO!! YAY Chris McGrath (class of 2013), interviewed for this Bangor Daily News article!It can be a little intimidating at first,” said Chris McGrath, a library technician from Pueblo, Colo. who received a bachelor’s degree in information library services from UMA. “It’s not a misconception that you spend more time in an online class than a regular class. Some classes can be really homework heavy.” McGrath said she decided to go back to school after she got laid off in 2010. She needed a program that would allow her to do her job search and then work while she studied.

Jodi Williams, associate professor of information and library services — a completely online program at UMA — said that she has found that online courses work for her students, who know what they want from a degree and want to get it as quickly as possible. The method does present some challenges, however.

“Students just can’t walk into an office and sit down and say, ‘I need help with financial aid,’” she said. “They need to call or email and make sure they have contacts who can help them.”  Williams added that offering her courses online adds a level of richness that would not otherwise be possible. She has taught students from Micronesia to the Middle East to Maine, all from her office in Augusta.”

Best Small Library in America 2014: Pine River Library, CO (February’14)

Congratulations to one of the staff mentioned in the most recent Library Journal, our very own ILS Graduate, JUDY POE!!! “The Living Library changes and grows constantly under the leadership of Judy Poe…” how proud we are to have been a (tiny) part of her Senior Project!! You, Judy, have made our week and hope you and your library enjoy this GREAT Honor!

Congratulations to you and your library on your hard work!!! See the Library Journal article.

Highlighting ILS Students

Occupy Movement and the Library: ILS Student Danny Norton engaging in and impacting his local community.

Progressive Librarian: A Journal for Critical Studies & Progressive Politics in Librarianship (Issue #38/39, Spring 2012)

American Libraries Article quoting Dan: American Libraries article

-OWS Library Website: OWLS Library Website

Dan’s writing contributions

More ILS Students Out in the World

-ILS Student Kristen Chavonelle’s Blog about her class experiences (100-200 level courses). 2011

-ILS Student Kathryn Diman’s Blog: A Dream Come True: Becoming a Librarian! (400-level course). 2011 This blog chronicles the processes involved in conducting a Library Practicum of one individual pursuing a BS degree in Library Science and Information Services.

-UMA ILS Graduate, Richard Fortin, Director, Winthrop Public Library in the News

EBOOKS: At Winthrop Library the Future is Now (2011)
Late Fines Eliminated at the Library:Fees are a Relic of the Past (2010)

New Library Director Busy (2010)

ILS Grad Greg LewisGreg Lewis, ILS Graduate: Awesome Foundation awards grant to support a teen music event for library!

Highlighting ILS Faculty

-Dr. Tamara Blesh: Traveling Librarian

Undergraduate Education in ILS

UMA’s ILS Program Coordinator was involved in discussions regarding the Bachelor’s in Information and Library Services. Check out the @1st Century Library Blog by Dr. Stephen Matthews: Why Not a Bachelor’s In Library Science?

-Guest BLOG: UMA Distance Ed in Micronesia

Blog interview with “VERY” Distant Learners (UMA ILS Students)

Graduating? Not if you haven’t Applied!!

If you are going to be graduating at the end of the Spring, Summer or Fall terms, please make sure you apply to graduate. Also please make sure any outstanding transcripts have been requested and mailed to UMA to be evaluated.
Please fill out UMA’s graduation application.

Check your CHECK SHEETS!!

ILS courses that are NOT on the checksheet for the AS or BS program CAN be substituted for one of your ILS electives. Please talk with your advisor if you are interested in taking one of these classes and applying it toward your degree program. Examples of courses are: ILS 306, ILS 205

Course Rotation Schedule

FALL: ILS 100, 101, 109, 150, 175, 201, 205, 225, 299, 350, 365, 385, 442. 450, 499.

ILS 100, 101, 109, 150, 175, 202, 250, 299* 312, 325, 350, 365, 499*.

ILS 100, 109, 175, 225, 250, 289, 306, 441, ILS 412 Digital Preservation for Cultural Institutions NEW! ILS 289 Topics: Genealogical Research NEW!!!!
(*ILS 365 will be offered Spring 2018 instead)

*This course is only offered in the Fall and Spring. Contact lnitcoord@maine.edu for information about Summer options.
**Summer courses MAY be offered if there are enough students entering our programs to warrant sections running.(1.15.17)