Students and prospective students with physical, psychological and/or learning disabilities should communicate with the appropriate local ADA contact person to discuss their academic needs and the accommodation process. (See contact list to determine specific staff member.) The process has the following steps:

  1. Request: Working with the local ADA contact, the student should obtain and fill out a Student Disability Accommodation Request Form.  Return the completed request form to the department of Learning Success.  A request needs to be submitted for each semester you attend.
  2. Documentation: If the disability is not readily apparent, the student will need to provide clear information on the nature of their disability and desired accommodations. The student’s own description of the specific impact of their disability will be considered, and current documentation from a qualified medical or licensed professional evaluator may be required. Such documentation should describe the nature, longevity, and severity of symptoms, as well as the impact which the disability has on the learning process. All documentation is considered confidential.
  3. Review & Consult: On the basis of the available information, appropriate accommodations are determined by the UMA Learning Success staff in consultation with the student’s health care provider and/or faculty as needed.
  4. Notification: When accommodations are deemed appropriate for a specific course or activity, an Accommodation Authorization Form will be completed by an Learning Success staff member. A copy of the form is sent to the student, the student’s professor(s), other University personnel who need to be involved in implementation, and the local ADA contact as appropriate.
  5. Planning & Communication: Some types of accommodations, such as modifications for taking exams, require ongoing communication between student and professor to arrange specific details. Plan ahead, and be sure everyone involved knows the plan.
  6. Problem Solving: Any problems with a student’s accommodations which occur during the semester should be discussed with the Learning Success staff and/or the local ADA contact as soon as possible.
  7. Appeal: If a student does not agree with the accommodations deemed appropriate by the Learning Success staff, the student may appeal to the UMA Equal Opportunity Officer.

Equal Opportunity Officer for UMA students at all locations

Amie Parker, Equal Opportunity Officer
Phone: (207) 621-3448