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Amy is a sophomore at UMA and is thrilled to be a writing tutor this semester (and hopefully for many more semesters to come).  Her motto is “Be yourself” and she believes that getting meaningful words on paper is a great way to truly express one’s self.  When she is not in the Writing Center, she can probably be found in Middle-Earth…or Maycomb County…or Colonial America…or Narnia…

Becky is in her third year as an English major at UMA.  This is her first year working as a tutor.  Her favorite aspect of the Writing Center is getting to meet other students and help them tap into their inner-writer. She enjoys reading across genres, writing fiction, meeting new people and learning about different cultures.

Brad is a Liberal Studies major at UMA, and is pursuing a minor in Secondary Education, with a  focus on English and literacy learning.  Anxious to pursue new ways to help student writers, Brad is working to integrate new distance support technologies into the peer tutoring process. You could run into him at a ski-lift in the winter or on the golf-course in September, but he’s always excited to work with other students in the UMA Writing Center.

Michelle studies English and Education at UMA. She is married with five children and a black lab. She loves writing poetry and short stories, and editing is a guilty pleasure of hers. She feels that tutoring is a somewhat selfish act, because she learns something new every time she provides feedback. She considers herself a grammar nerd, and looks forward to learning alongside peers.

Interested in becoming a writing tutor?  

Being a writing tutor is a fantastic way to become engaged in the campus experience, help others, and strengthen your own writing abilities. Tutors gain widely applicable experience in interpersonal communication, writing instruction, and scholarship. Enroll in ENG 315: Mentoring Writers or contact Elizabeth Powers, Writing Center Coordinator to join our community of super tutors.