UMA’s Learning Success Department exists to help students develop the skills and find the resources they need to get the most out of college, and successfully achieve their educational goals.

Services For Students With Disabilities

UMA complies with all laws which define the rights of individuals with disabilities, and makes reasonable efforts to accommodate specific academic needs.  It is important to note that the laws and procedures which govern support for students with disabilities are different in college than in high school.  Colleges do not offer special education, rather they provide accommodations.  An accommodation is any change in the learning environment or in the way things are customarily done that enables a person with a disability to have equitable access to the University experience.


Tutoring is intended to help students increase their understanding of course material, and improve their learning and study skills. Tutoring is available for most developmental and introductory courses as well as some upper-level courses. It is provided in individual or small group settings by qualified community or peer tutors. Tutoring is intended as a supplement to classroom instruction, and is not a substitute for regular attendance and participation in your classes.

Call the tutoring program at 262-7806 for more information about tutoring offered at the UMA Bangor.

For additional information please contact:

Sally Daniels
Learning Support Specialist and Tutoring Coordinator
UMA Bangor
Eastport Hall, Room 101A
128 Texas Avenue
Bangor, ME  04401
Phone: (207) 262-7806
Fax: (207) 262-7811