Veteran Students

Students who have previous military experience may be eligible for college-credit based on the training received during military service. To be awarded credit based on military training, students must submit official Joint Services Transcripts or Community College of the Air Force transcripts to the following address:

University of Maine at Augusta
Registrar’s Office, ATTN: Bethany Vigue
46 University Drive
Augusta, ME 04330

An official evaluation is completed upon assessment of each individual transcript. The following are examples of how Military training may transfer in as UMA credits:

AR-2201-0399 Basic Combat Training Basic Training 4 Credits General Elective
AR-0419-0046 Cargo Specialist 4 Credits General Elective
AR-1403-0007 Administrative Specialist 4 Credits Business Elective
MOS 42A-001 Computer Applications 3 Credits CIS 100
MOS 42A-001 Human Resource Mangement 3 Credits BUA 361
MC-2204-0088 Recruit Training (Basic Training) 8 Credits General Elective
MC-1401-0009 Personal Finance 3 Credits BUA 151
MC-1606-0010 Introduction to Terrorism 1 Credit General Elective
MCE-6014-001 Aircraft Mechanic 15 Credits General Electives
MCE-6432-002 Aircraft Electrical/Instrument/Flight Tech. 13 Credits General Electives
NV-2202-0014 Basic Military Training 4 Credits General Elective
NV-0703-0005 Hospital Corpsman, Basic 2 Credits BIO Elective,
10 Credits General Electives
NV-0705-0010 Basic X-Ray Technician 11 Credits General Electives
NER-EO-002 Equipment Operator 8 Credits General Electives
CG- 2205-0035 Recruit Training (Basic Training) 4-6 Credits General Electives
CG-1408-0036 Radarman First Class 1 Credit General Elective
CG-1712-Diesel Engine Operator 3 Credits General Elective
CG-1728-0039 Marine Safety Inspection 9 Credits General Electives
3 Credits General Electives Upper Level
PHE 1000 Physical Education/Wellness 4 Credits General Elective
LMM 1111 Leadership/Management I 2 Credits Business Elective
EDT 2834 Staff Development Trainer 1 Credit General Elective
LMM 2121 Leadership/Management II 3 Credits BUA 223
INT 7000 Craftsman 4 Credits General Elective

UMA also offers opportunities to earn college credit for college-level learning from work and life experience. Please visit our Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) page for more information about earning credit for prior learning.

For more information about our Veteran Services, please contact Laurie Krzywda at 207.621.3458 or Amy Line at 207.621.3215