Face Covering Requirement

Please note that UMS face covering requirements have been updated as of March 26, 2022.  In general, face coverings are optional and welcomed across the University of Maine System.  Face coverings continue to be required in all classrooms, research spaces, and instructional areas unless the requirement is waived by a faculty member or meeting or event sponsor.

For complete details, please visit the Together for Maine website.

For information about styles and types of face coverings which meet the UMS’s requirement (and those which do not), please review the UMS Face Covering Guide found below.

Approved Face Coverings

Approved Cloth Face Coverings

Cloth Face Covering

“Cloth Face Covering” per Maine civil authorities is a protection that covers the nose and mouth; fits snugly but comfortably against the side of the face; is secured with ties or ear loops; has multiple layers of fabric which cover the nose, mouth and chin; allows for breathing without restriction; and is able to be laundered and machine dried without damage or change to its shape.

Clear masks, dust masks, and disposable masks (pictured), and or KN95s (non-NIOSH certification)

This category best meets the University’s requirement for face coverings on campus.


Non-Approved Face Coverings

Non-Approved - Neck Gator

Neck gator or bandana style covering open at bottom

Non-Approved Face Shield

Face Shield

No, not by itself.

UMS does not allow face shields as a replacement for cloth face coverings. They may be worn in combination with a cloth face covering.

Non-Approved Filtering Masks

N95 / N100 / P100 filtering facepiece (with exhalation valve)


Any respirator that has an exhalation valve does not provide source control.