Summer Tutoring at UMA Rockland Center

Tutoring is an effective strategy to help students increase their understanding of course material and study skills. Qualified peer tutors are typically available for developmental and introductory classes in the following content areas: Writing, Computer Applications, Math, Study Skills.

To request a tutor please contact Chip Curry at or call the Rockland Center at 207.596.6906.

Computer Applications Support

UMA Rockland Center provides assistance for students to orient them and provide basic instruction in the following computer applications and systems:

  • MaineStreet (UMS’s Account Management System)
  • BlackBoard (UMS’s Learning Management Platform)
  • File management strategies —including use of flash drives and Google Drive
  • Word processing applications (Microsoft Word and Google Docs)
  • Presentation software
  • Basic spreadsheet applications (Excel and Google Sheets)
  • Use of communication applications such as Google Hangout
  • Accessing on-line student resources such as the distance reference librarian and online tutors

Wednesdays, 9:00 am — 12:00 pm

*Times are subject to change. Please call the center at 207.596.6906 on the day to confirm the availability of the tutor.

By Appointment:
UMA students are eligible for up to two hours of tutoring per week for one-on-one tutoring.

VAWLT (Virtual Academic Writing Lab Tutors)

Distance tutoring via the computer:
With extended hours, VAWLTers support writers via phone, email, shared documents, live-chat, and/or video conference — whatever will work best for you. In addition, their website has loads of resources for college writers.

Click Here to contact VAWLTers.

Not seeing what you need?

Contact Chip Curry — Student Services Coordinator at 207.596.6906 or email him at