Tutoring at UMA South Paris Center

Tutoring is an effective strategy to help students increase their understanding of course material and study skills. Qualified peer tutors are typically available for developmental and introductory classes at no charge for currently registered students in the following content areas: Writing, Computer Applications, Math, Study Skills.

To request a tutor please contact Roz Hodge at rhodge@maine.edu or call the South Paris Center at (207)743-9322.

Math Support by Appointment:
UMA students are eligible for up to two hours of tutoring per week for one-on-one tutoring. Please call the center at 207-743-9322 on the day to confirm the availability of the tutor.

VAWLT (Virtual Accessibility, Writing, Library, and Technology tutors)

Distance tutoring at your convenience via the computer:
With extended hours, VAWLTers support writers via phone, email, shared documents, live-chat, and/or video conference — whatever works best for you. In addition, the VAWLT website has loads of resources for college writers. Contact a VAWLTer »


Online tutoring is now available in most courses via a national program called NetTutor. NetTutor has been around for over 20 years and is used by colleges all over the country. Tutors have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in the subject they tutor and are available to assist via video, audio or chat. To access this resource, click on the NetTutor link in your course menu.

If you have questions about this resource or experience any difficulty accessing Net Tutor, please contact Colleen Coffey at 262-7825 or colleen.coffey@maine.edu.

Here is a quick video about getting started with NetTutor

Not seeing what you need?

Contact Roz Hodge — Student Services Coordinator at (207)743-9322 or email her at rhodge@maine.edu.