The UMA Safe Return Committee is comprised of the following members:

Brenda McAleer, Chair, Associate Provost, and Dean of the College of Professional Studies

Rob Marden, Alt. Chair and Director of Campus Safety and Security

Greg Fahy, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

Gillian Jordan, President of UMA’s Faculty Senate, Associate Professor of English, and Coordinator of Writing Center

Robert Kellerman, Professor of English

Tricia Dyer, Director of Enrollment Services and Advising

Sheri Fraser, Dean of Students

Amie Parker, Director of Human Resources

Jonathan Henry, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing

Tanner Kelleter, Campus IT Operations Manager

Deborah Meehan, Executive Director of UMA Centers and Director of the UMA Rockland Center

Peter Milligan, Professor of Biology

Jim Kauppila, Director of Facilities Management

Kim Moody, Administrative Specialist, Administrative Services

BJ Kitchin, Director of Instructional Services Unit