Beginning on February 22, UMA students and employees participating in COVID-19 asymptomatic testing at the Bangor and Augusta campuses will use the Shield T-3 saliva-based test.  UMA Centers will continue to test with the Vault saliva test.  Campus and residential student testers are encouraged to download and set up the Safer Community App by Rokmetro, which is now available through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.  

The Safer Community App is the most convenient, most secure, and most direct tool for managing your COVID-19 testingIt’s the tool for:

  • Scheduling your testing
    • The appointment hours shown are less than the site open hours and availability. Both campuses are continuing their same hours, walk-ins are welcome and people with a “regular” test time may come at that time.
  • Seeing available testing locations
  • Checking in at your testing location
  • Receiving your test results

The Safer Community App supports Single-Sign-On, meaning you should be able to log in with your email address and password.

Staff at the test site will be able to assist individuals without the Safer Community App.

Tips To Make Sure Your Sample Is Valid:

  • Sixty minutes before your test, brush your teeth and tongue, and steer clear of coffee, milky, or heavily dyed beverages.  Refrain from eating and drinking colored liquids for an hour prior to testing.  Particles or discoloration from food, beverages, gum, tobacco, or other substances that appear in your saliva will result in the rejection of your test sample.  When possible, wait until after you test to consume those beverages!
  • Drink water and rinse your mouth with water about 30 minutes before you test.  Drink water to hydrate and vigorously swish clean water around your mouth to help clear out any particles that may be lingering in your mouth.
  • Fill your tube with between 1 and 1.5ml of salivaNo more, no less. Check the tube for measurement marks. Too little or too much can cause your test to be rejected
  • Please stay away if you’re sick. If you are feeling any new or unexplained COVID-19 symptoms on the day of your test, please do not come in to test. Symptoms mean you are no longer considered “asymptomatic” and it is more appropriate for you to consult with your Primary Care Physician.

Thank you for your commitment to the health and safety of our Moose Community!